Monday, May 14, 2012

Tonight's the Night!!!

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Tonight's the night! Even after all these years of watching, I still can't seem to get enough of this show! Even through the many bad choices, the villian's, the many times I get so into it that I want to throw things at the TV, I still love every second. I do watch both The Bachelor and Bachelorette, but I'm really excited about this season because not only do I LOVE Emily, but I'm so stoked to see what she'll be wearing every episode! You have to be sure to check out Possessionista's blog after each show so you can see where to find your fav styles!

Other than the excitement of tonight's show, not much to report! I had a very relaxing weekend filled with movies and time with my Hubby & little boy. The Avenger's was awesome & RDJ as well as the other characters, did not disappoint!!! I loved it! We also rented Thor over the weekend and I really enjoyed that as well. Yesterday I woke up to coffee and a delicious breakfast made special for me by my boys and then spent the day out perusing some shops and stopping for a nice lunch. Perfection!

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!!! Make sure to stop back tomorrow for my Bachelorette recap, which I plan on doing weekly!