Monday, June 26, 2017

Why You need a Food Scale - A Review

Hi Lovelies! I can't believe it's almost July already! With the hot weather, I've amped up my health & fitness routine to prep for shorts. Part of that is continuing to do BBG, but the other part has been really fine-tuning my eating even more with a food scale. I already track my macros, but I know that if you're already on top your food consumption (meaning calorie amounts, macros, and such) and not losing fat, your serving sizes can be more than you realize. If you tend to eyeball like me, you can really underestimate how much you might be eating. This can make a HUGE difference! I know with myself, if I'm not on point with my meals and staying on top of sugar and grain-based carbs especially, the weight can start creeping up again. 

So that's where this nifty little food scale by EatSmart comes in to play. You can choose to weigh food in ounces or pounds, and you can also weigh food on a plate or in a bowl, without the weight of the container effecting what is shown. I've been using it daily for the last couple of months, and it has helped me tremendously. I was absolutely eating more than 1 serving amount of food and without a doubt it was effecting my results. Case in point, I've been eyeballing pistachio servings lately. But today, since I'm really cutting again, I decided to break out my scale. Whoooooooaaaaa!!! I was eating at least twice the serving size of pistachios because I was using the cup amount on the nutritional info. Yikes! That just goes to show that it's easy to get comfortable with feeling like you "just know" a serving size, and also why Intuitive Eating doesn't always work for everyone. 

This scale is a great price point as well. If you've been struggling with fat loss and clean eating with a good fitness routine in place, I highly recommend giving this food scale a try! It might just be the missing piece to the puzzle that you need. Ps - It's also on super sale right now on Amazon!!!

Make sure to check out EatSmart on their Social Media channels. They make some other really neat gadgets!

Check back soon to find out who makes my most favorite protein ever!!! 


** while I received no financial compensation for this post, I was provided a scale in return for my honest review.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

My Newest Hydration Obsession...

Hi Babes! Wow.... I seriously can't believe my last post was in November!!!! That's crazy. Between the holidays and catching up after, time just flew by. I actually meant to get organized to start actively blogging again after the New Year, and then a difficult family situation came up and we've been going through such a hard time since then. All the days and weeks kind of run together, and I have just had what feels like zero time to sit down and write.

But I'm so happy I'm finally easing back into a schedule, because I have the most amazing water to tell you about. I know what you're thinking.... "Water? C'mon Christy, it's water, how amazing can it really be??" Am I right? Well this type of water was new to me and I love it! A few weeks ago I was so lucky to receive some Essence PH10 water to try out. If you're not familiar with Essence PH10, here's some info in a nutshell:

"Essence pH10 is a premium alkaline water that contains 10% of the daily recommended allowance of calcium, magnesium, and zinc acetate. Additionally, we add organic hibiscus making this the only nutritional water on the market. This patented formula is designed to produce a sustainable pH10 that helps to restore the bodies pH balance. Essence pH10 is 100% sodium free."

I was immediately intrigued! Knowing all the benefits of an Alkaline diet, I was stoked to finally try some Alkaline water!!! I have to be honest, I didn't try it for a few days. You see, one of the key things is that Alkaline water can disrupt the stomach acid which is what your body uses to digest food. Because of this, you shouldn't drink it less than 30 minutes before and/or up to 2.5 hours after meals. I kept forgetting to try it during some windows of time. Then I ended up getting a stomach virus and was beyond sick. I was struggling to keep anything down and my stomach just felt so acidic with nothing in it. Then I remembered my Alkaline water and decided to give that a go. Within a couple hours I was able to keep some liquids down and started to feel much better. I attribute this to the water neutralizing all the nasties in my gut! That's not medical advice - just my little two cents ; )

I also recently tried it on a long, 5 miles of Sprint Intervals and it was perfect! It didn't run right through me like regular water seems to do and I felt really really hydrated. I also love that the Hibiscus (which is tasteless by the way) helps to neutralize free radicals. Win! 

This water is amazing, and after just getting back into my workout routine, I'm so excited to have it to properly hydrate. I really feel like it's going to help me step up my game!!! So after hearing all the fantastic benefits of Essence PH10, how would you like a chance to win some of your own?! Essence PH10 will be giving one lucky winner a whole case of Alkaline water to try! 

For your chance to win, simply leave a blog comment below telling me why you would love to win your own case of Essence Ph10 & what activities you think it would help you hydrate for, then go through the Gleam widget and enter your info! This MUST be done or I will not be able to include you in the drawing- there's also opportunity for extra entries! And don't forget to check them out on their website, twitter, facebook, and Instagram  - sorry, this giveaway is available to US residents only

Essence PH10 Giveaway



DISCLAIMER: While a product sample was provided to me for my honest review, I was not financially compensated in any way. All opinions are honest and are my own.