Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beachin It...

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 So sorry for the MIA lovelies! My Husband is on vacation this week and I meant to have my posts lined up and scheduled, but I just never got to it. So I may or may not be posting the next couple of days. Either way, I'll be back to it on Monday! I even missed my Bachelorette recap this week =( Today I'll be beachin it with my boys & My Grandparents in Ventnor! See you all soon!!!

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Last Thing Thursday #4

 I'm linking up with The Life of the Wife for Last Thing Thursdays - one of my fav days of the week! So here they are, The Last Thing I......

{  Wanted to Buy - Jewelry ...  }

BaubleBar Medium Monogram in Gold
 I've been dying to get my hands on this pretty baby for some time! I love that it's such a classic & timeless piece that I'll be able to wear for years (as long as it holds up!). I'm hoping to maybe get it for my Birthday in a few months. Hint Hint Hubby ; )

  {  Wanted to Buy - Clothes ...  }

Hive & Honey Henley Knit Top
 I also love this knit top by Hive & Honey via Piperlime! It looks so light and soft and comes in a bunch of colors! So pretty!!!

{  Wanted to Make - Food ...  }

{ Photo & Recipe via Tide & Thyme }
 This Rustic Tomato Salsa looks SO good! I would prob at least try to find a bpa-free can of fire roasted tomatoes, since it calls for canned, but everything else looks delicious! To say I LOVE salsa would be a complete understatement. We go through several... and I mean SEVERAL jars a week! Even though salsa isn't super expensive, if you're eating 3-4 jars a week, that's roughly $12/week..... on salsa. It's probably much more economical to make your own! If you have some delicious recipes that you've tried, feel free to share! I'm not a salsa snob by any means! I love it all!!!

{  Wanted to Make - DIY ...  }

{ Farmhouse Table via Shanty 2 Chic }
I've been dying to make a farmhouse table for our kitchen for some time & I came across this one the other day. I think if we changed the measurements around, it would be perfect! If it goes well, we might even make the full sized one for our back deck! Love it!!!

{  I Semi-Stressed Over ...  }

{ Moroccan Tile via Berber Trading }
We're still making decisions on our kitchen and now we're considering doing a tile counter top. I don't really know how to describe my style - maybe beachy & clean with a touch of bohemian. I don't know. But I've always loved the look of Moroccan Tile and thought that it would be the perfect accent to the kitchen. I get funny about certain things and I think lines of grout all over a solid colored tile counter would drive me nuts. I'm sure you all think it's strange, but things like that bother me! So we're looking into it. Of course it's sold out right now and ordering it makes me very nervous. But isn't it so pretty?!

{  I Daydreamed About ...  }

1 - 2 - 3 - 4

I have always wanted to live in a coastal town and the last couple years I've been dreaming of living in one of the Carolina's. But lately Beaufort, SC has been on my mind. I can just imagine the food, the people, the southern hospitality, and most of all... the beauty. It just seems like a dream come true compared to the congested and often rude population you come across in NJ. Maybe someday. One can dream ****sigh.

So that's pretty much it for my last things this week! Not a whole lot going on since the kiddo is home for summer break and I've been pretty busy!!! If you'd like to join in to this super fun linkup, make sure to stop by ....

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

TAM Addicts Workout Wednesday #1

 Hi lovelies! Well it's finally Workout Wednesday again and I've had a pretty decent start since I last checked in!  After my post last week I really tried to put myself in the frame of mind to start getting back on that train again. While I didn't jump back in to working out right away, I did mentally prepare myself. I started back up with all of my meals and workouts on Monday. Right now I'm basically doing the muscle work in Tracy's book and adding in my own weights for arms and some ab work. For food I decided to combine the recipes in the 30 Day Method with the recipes in Physique 57 since they are very similar and there are a lot of veggies in the TAM recipes that I'm not a huge fan of. I'm right at the beginning right now, so there hasn't been much progress in just two days, but I'm feeling good and am very motivated!

So as of right now and for the next 30 days at least.... these are my two BFF's. The one thing I'm really struggling with right now is resisting the snacking. My Son is home on summer break and he's constantly asking for snacks and eating in front of me. I try to eat as healthy as possible as far as snacks go. I might have gone to school for holistic nutrition, but I've picked up some bad habits lately that I need to break!!!

So my last couple days consisted of:

~ All muscle work in the TAM 30 Day Book
~ Arms & Abs with 5lb weights
~ Crunches galore!

No cardio right now, which stinks because I know that is what will help me shed the pounds! But with my horrible allergies and my exercise induced asthma, it's been tough to really do cardio. Hopefully I'll get there! Please don't feel like you have to be a seasoned TAM'er to link up! Check out these videos and jump in!!! I need the motivation! ; )

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bachelorette Recap #6

{ Photo Via ABC }
Well, last night was finally what I've been waiting for, in a lot of ways! This episode had quite a dose of action!! I wouldn't say it's edge of your seat action just yet, although there was one part of last night that I was practically biting my nails off.... but I'll get to that in a few. I'm still not over the moon over Emily's wardrobe either, but there have been quite a few styles that I've coveted. Emily loves some sparkles... but then again, so do I. Ahem....

So first up was Emily's 1:1 with Travis. He seems like a really sweet guy. He's really polite, down to earth and he brought an Ostrich egg named Shelly to impress her during his intro. Who can forget that??? But the fact that he felt the need to go on that he hadn't had a GF in a really long time, insinuating that he hasn't had other things in a long time. Well you get the gist. Kind of a turn off to come out and say it. To be honest, I had missed the first 10min or so and was taping on my DVR and pretty much FF through most of the date. I found the date itself super boring. At the end poor Travis went home, but the tone of the date kind of gave all the clues to his impending demise. Shame.

Then on to the group date. Another strange choice of activities on this date. They went to see the new movie Brave. Which looks adorable by the way, I'll probably take my son to see it next week. But.... I did find it a teensy bit strange that Emily and a bunch of beefy guys would 1) go on a group movie date, and 2) go to see a Pixar movie. I do love those cute movies, but C'mon! No popcorn & Prometheus?!? These guys are manly! Well most of them anyway ; )

{ Photo Via ABC }
Then the date went on to the guys putting on kilts. And let me just say, for the record, that I have never seen a guy look hot in a Kilt.... Until last night. Sean looked damn fine sporting that plaid man-skirt! Such a freakin cutie!!! They got all dolled up in their scottish themed attire and road on Donkeys to the Highland Games..... in Croatia. Hmmmmm ...... The movie Brave is Scottish and the games are Scottish. So then why not have the dates in Scotland? Croatia is gorgeous though. So they start the games and Sean dominates... of course! Chris.... eh, not so much. But Emily, for some odd reason, liked this and gave the cup of bravery to him instead of Sean???? Moving on....

One part of the date Arie pulled Emily away from the boys and they went for a walk. First, let me say that I am "Team Sean" all the way. But there's just something about this guy. I don't know if it's an act or if it's for real. Either way.... he is smoooooth. At one point they stopped to peer into a window and when Emily turned to walk away, he pushed her up against the wall and gave her quite a liplock. I seriously got all swoony and had butterflies. They just look so cute together and he's charming, so is his peacoat. And his hoodie. Not many guys can pull that off, but he does it quite well.

So then comes the moment most of the fans of the show have been both dreading and waiting for. Emily's 1:1 with Ryan. Duh.. Duh... Duh... And it really was that bad. If I had been taking shots every time this toolbag said the word "Trophy Wife" I would have been trashed by the end of the date! And it continued on with more nauseating chatter that just wouldn't stop. My ears were seriously bleeding. Watching Emily during this date was like watching someone on a rollercoaster. One minute she was trying to give this jerkface the benefit of the doubt and take his lame comments as funny banter and the next you could see all over her face she had enough. Then the unthinkable happened. They were sitting at dinner after Ryan delivered yet another eye-gauging speech, where I believe he used the word "servant" in his list of things he's looking for in a wife and said "Trophy Wife" at least another two times..... Vom.......... And then Emily says that she just can't give him the rose. And what does he do? Most guys, especially with the kind of Ego that Ryan has, would just give up right there. But he kept talking and talking and talking..... And really was trying to mess with her mind. Creep. I was all but grabbing my TV and shaking it at this point.... I really can't imagine another week of listening to this man go on about himself and all of his "Worldly Gifts" (can you believe he said that?!?!?) but finally, she told him she was not changing her mind! Go Em!!!!!!

I am SO glad I can finally sit back and enjoy the show now! Ryan & his Ego will no longer be present. I don't know if he's like that in real life, but for his sake and for all the women that come in contact with him, I really hope not!

She ended up keeping all the guys in the end. She couldn't decide who out of Doug & Wolf to send home. So they both stayed. Next week looks promising as well. A hot & heavy kiss with McCutie Sean and the Arie drama looks like it will finally be exposed.

ps - so sorry for my lack of posts lately! My son's last day of school was last Fridau and I have been SO busy!!! I'm definitely having a major time trying to adjust and go about my normal routine. My poor blog has taken a little bit of a beating =( But I'm getting it sorted! And for all of you Tracy Anderson Method fans that might be reading this, don't forget to stop back tomorrow to join in on my Workout Wednesday Linkup! I hope you enjoyed my recap!

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Last Thing Thursday #3

 It's time for my favorite weekly series! The Life of the Wife does this linkup every week and I think it's such a fun way to break up posts. My posts can sometimes get monotonous, so I really love this!!!


{  Wanted to Buy ...  }

Mossimo Peace Heeled T-Strap Sandal - Leopard

Aren't these sandals just SO cute?!?! I actually checked them out in the store today and they really are just as lovely in person! But they didn't have my size, so I'm hoping to check another store close by. The 5 1/2 almost fit me & I'm regular a 7. Hmmmm.... So there might be some sizing issues, not sure. But for $19.99 they are def closet worthy!!!

{  Wanted to Do with My Hair ... }

{ Photo via ABC Family }
I really really like Aria's hair on the new season of PLL. I've been kind of wanting to chop my hair for a while and just haven't found the right cut. This is it. I just got my hair cut about 4 weeks ago, and it's already so long again!!! I just always have major issues with getting what I ask for, so fingers crossed that it turns out like this adorable cut in the photo!!!

{  Watched on TV ... }

 Last night we finally caught up on the last few episodes of Game of Thrones. I thought last season was good, but this season was really really good!!! I'm looking forward to the next one. There's so much going on and I think Season 3 will be the best one yet! 

{  Made for Dessert ... }

{ Photo via Target }
We eat Banana Soft-serve regularly in our house. But I usually make it with my food processor which can be really rough on the motor & blades. So we finally got a Yonanas! This is so much easier than the traditional way I make it! Simply freeze whole, peeled bananas & once they are frozen, pass them through the machine plain or with other frozen fruits & you've got a delicious, healthy and dairy-free treat. I don't each much dairy, so this is perfect for me! And Target is giving a $10 gc when you buy it this week! Bonus ; )

{ Was Looking Forward to ... }

{ Photo via SheKnows }
Date Night!!! My Son has a bunch of parties this weekend and one of them is from 6-10pm! You know what that means.... MUCH needed date night! Yay!!! It's been too long since the Hubby & I have had a date. With work, school functions, and everyday life, it's crazy how quick the time has gone by. I am really looking forward to it!!! 

If you want to join in the Last Things fun, make sure to link up over at The Life of the Wife!!!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Workout Wednesday - TAM Addicts Linkup

 As many of you probably already know by now, I'm a HUGE Tracy Anderson Method fan! I am kind of addict, though I've kinda fallen off the wagon lately. And this is MAJOR coming from the workout video queen! I've tried so many out there - everything from pure barre & physique 57 to Barry's Bootcamp & Jackie Warner's workouts. While the Barre type workouts do come close in a pinch, as far as muscle structure, I've never found anything else that gives me such tremendous results so quickly. As far as my arms go, I could use a little extra oomph. But years ago, when I committed to Tracy's muscle workouts I wittled my thighs and bum down!!! They are a bit on the chunky side again now. But what I'm getting at is that her workouts are effective and work fast. But be warned.... She is tough. She makes it look oh so easy, but she will make your muscles scream & your fat cry!!! All worth it though my friends. All so worth it.

So I've been planning on really getting back in the game. I'll be starting with the 30 Day Bootcamp with the meals to give me a jumpstart and then continue in with the dvd's. The purpose of this link-up to give all the other Tracybots out there a forum for motivation - which I so desperately need! I've almost gotten through the entire 30 days twice, but ended up not making it all the way through. I'm really hoping that I can do it this time with a cheering section!

So here's the linkup rules. There really are none. However, I would like to try to keep it Tracy oriented & you will need to copy the above photo and post it as well as mention the linkup in your post =) I can tell you right now, if you're new to the Method, her 30 Day Method Book is fantastic! I have almost every DVD she has made, and the muscle work in that book is still my all time favorite and best for beginner's. There are also a bunch of vid's on youtube, which I'll post all the links to in a sec. I also run a TAM Addicts Facebook Page where you can post throughout the week as well. I would love for everyone to linkup and post your latest Tracy progress weekly - whether it's a triumph, venting over how hard it is, asking for advice or support and posting your success week by week! I think this will be a fun way for all of us both seasoned & new,  to connect over our love for TAM!

Posts can be whatever you want & whatever format you want. Share one of your favorite tracy approved recipes, what TAM workout your doing, etc and link it up babe! For anyone looking to give it a try, here are some of my fav YouTube vids to get you started...

Franco Valiente Challenge Part 1
Franco Valiente Challenge Part 2
Thanksgiving Cardio Part 1

Arms & Abs
My Fav Freestyle Arms
Daily Candy Arms 1
Daily Candy Arms 2
Arm Webisode
Sitting Arms
Abs Webisode
V-Day Ab Special

Muscle Work
Gwyneth's Iron Man 2 workout part 1
Gwyneth's Iron Man 2 workout part 2
Daily Candy Lovehandles
Daily Candy Thighs
Thanksgiving Special

Those are just a few of my fav's. You can do searches like "Tracy Anderson Cardio" etc and find them pretty easily. She also has her own channel "GoTracy" as well. I'm looking forward to reading all of your Tracy posts!!!

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