Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Musings

 Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend!! We had another relaxing weekend spent shopping, having a fantastic dinner with friends and watching movies. Bliss! This week is my son's last week of school, so we're scrambling around getting ready for the summer and an upcoming weekend full of birthday parties! Fun!! Anyway, I just have to tell you that the Lavender/Sea Infinity Scarf  I ordered through Plum District came today and it is GORGEOUS! It's light, soft and the colors are so pretty! It's so lightweight it could easily be worn in the spring or fall, even cool summer nights. If you liked the scarf when I last posted about it, now is the time to snap it up! There's a 20% off discount valid today by adding code PDBDAY at checkout. That makes this beauty only $12.80 (SH included there)! Speaking of steals, I was perusing Target today and look at this amazing lookalike I came across...

Mossimo Poeske Flat
Looks almost identical to these DV Archer Flats! Granted there are a couple small differences - the gold toebed is missing, and the straps are a tiny bit different, but the general look is still the same! Love them!!! They come in pink too <3

On another, completely irrelevant note.... Did you watch the season premier of True Blood last night?! I was so excited!!! It's one of my fav shows!!! Alrhough I have to say that I'm not too sure with all the weird stuff going on this season. Last year was quite enough with all the witch stuff. But I'll def still watch. How could get my Eric Northman fix otherwise?!

And with today being Monday, you know what that means! Bachelorette is on tonight & I'll be live tweeting throughout! If you watch the show, I would love to watch it with you!!! Make sure to look me up - @Christy1225. I have to admit that this season is kinda boring, but reading everyone's comments (including past contestants) makes it so much more fun! I'll be back tomorrow with my recap of the show!!!

ps - speaking of the Bachelor/Bachelorette.... Did anyone hear the rumors that Roberto is the next Bachelor??? From what I've read they are definitely accurate and will be announced in a couple weeks on Emily's season. I personally prefer when they have past contestants compete, especially if they were a fan favorite. I think Roberto will def make an interesting Bachelor and I'm sure whatever girls are competing for his affection will bring pure drama! What do you think???