Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bachelorette Recap #4

Another episode of Bachelorette is in the books, and I have to be honest.... This season, with the exception of Emily looking gorgeous and wearing the cutest outfits, is just not what I thought it would be. I don't know if the guys are a little boring, or if there's just not enough excitement. I do know one thing these men aren't lacking... drama. I have never seen such a whiny group of guys! Not all of them, but there are def a select few repeat offenders. Anyway....

The one-on-one's were blah. I think Doug seems like a nice guy, but there's just something about him. Something that he seems like he's hiding. Emily is def a smart cookie because everything I was saying to my husband, as well as everyone tweeting, she was echoing right after. I don't think these guys are getting anything past her. I'm wondering as far as Doug is concerned if it's his temper. He seems to go from 0 to 60 very easily. And I don't know why he seems to think he's above all the other guys. I mean he's 33 or whatever he is, not 43. It's all about maturity and if he had so much of it, he would spend more time impressing Emily than judging the other guys.

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Next was the group date/ boat race. I was so bored by this point, I wasn't paying too much attention. I was too busy on Twitter reading all the comments and glanced up a couple times. I just remember angry guys, poor sports, crying and jerkface Ryan making his nauseating comments. Oh and Emily looking super adorable as usual! Moving on...

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Emily's super-awkward date with the Wolf and Nate. Again, not too much going on here. I feel for Emily because not only do these dates just seem like they are so awful (everyone knowing someone will go home at the end of it) but this date in particular was just so odd. I'm sure these guys were just very nervous (ahem... Nate) but my goodness. I truly thought she was going to send both of them home. It was obvious that nothing was going to happen with Nate, but with the Wolf? C'mon. Who actually goes on TV and calls himself "Wolf" anyway. That guy!! It's a shame because the guy isn't bad looking, he just set himself up for failure.

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Even though Emily and Arie didn't have much one-on-one time, the chemistry between them was just oozing from the TV. These two seem like they've been dating forever! They just seem to have a connection. He is obviously very protective of Emily and their interactions are charming. I do like Arie. Someone tweeted last night that they thought Arie seemed a little feminine. There's been something that's been bugging me about him from the start, and I think that might be it. I've always liked him, thought he was very cute, etc. But yes, in my opinion he does come off a touch feminine. Not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe it's that Euro blood. I don't know. I can't tell if Arie is for real yet. I guess only time will tell.  For Emily's sake, I hope so!

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And wasn't this whole thing with Jef & Emily so strange? I don't know if he just wigged out and got super shy or what. He seems like a nice guy and I hate to judge someone by appearance, but even though he's 27, he just seems like he's so young. Like a Man-boy. Don't get me wrong.... I think Jef is cute and seems really cool.... but in a boyish sort of way. I'm just having trouble getting past that. But then again, Jef hasn't had a ton of screen time, so it's hard to tell.

All in all, the episode was just eh. Ryan took up a lot of the show with his creepy speeches, egotistical remarks, and just grossness in general. I knew he was only going on the show to try to be the next Bachelor and I can tell you right now, if that toolbag ever was, I will not watch. He makes me wanna vom. No... just no....

I'm still Team Sean all the way!!! I think they seem the most suited for one another and he is the total package. I'm crossing my fingers that Emily will choose him in the end, but unfortunately I just have this feeling that she won't. What did you think of the show? Make sure to check out the other gals in the Bachelorette Dish link-up!!!

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