Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Last Thing Thursdays #2

 I had so much going on yesterday that I totally missed my post, oh well... =( Well today is The Last Thing Thursday with The Life of the Wife and I'm linking up again!

{  I Wanted to Buy... }
We're in the process of renovating our kitchen and I have so many things I want to buy to update it! We are long overdue!!! I can't wait to finally get started. Let's hope it looks as pretty as my mood board when it's done!

{  Watched on DVD...  }

Last night we watched Gone with Amanda Seyfried. I thought it looked good and other than the semi anti-climactic ending, it lived up to my expectations! Def a decent movie to rent!!

{  Bought - Accessories...  } 

Plum District has this gorgeous Pashmina Infinity Scarf online (available for the next 6 days) today! I LOVE scarves so I just couldn't passs this up. It was a steal at $15 (reg $38) and only $2.80 shipping. I got the one in the middle, called Lavender/Sea. So so pretty!!! 

{  Was Obsessed Over...  }

I've been on Instagram forever, but never used it much except to add a bit of character to my own photo's, but lately I've really been going crazy over it! I don't have too many pics on there just yet, but I'm getting the hang of it!! Make sure to look me up - @sparklesandspinach

{  Craved...  }

{ Photo Via }
I majorly heart cupcakes!!! Like big, fat, puffy, pink heart them! A couple weeks ago we got a few vegan cupcakes from Whole Foods to try and they were so good!!! I'm not vegan, but I really limit my dairy & meat intake, so I often opt for vegan treats. They would have been even better if they were g-free, but I can tolerate a little gluten now & then. I def think a cupcake run is in order this weekend!

It's almost Friday!!! Yay!