Thursday, October 16, 2014

Faire Collection's Flash Friday - Winter Accessories!!

I had posted a couple months back about a company I fell in love with HERE and the love affair has continued the more I learn about them!  Faire Collection is offering their special Flash Sale again tomorrow & Saturday, as well as every 1st & 3rd Friday until November for 24 hours only! What does this mean? You can snag select drool-worthy, fair trade lovelies at up to 70% off! I love the craftsmanship & quality of each piece and the love that I know goes into each one from the amazing Artisan that created it! Another positive about these pieces beyond the unique styles and the support they offer to Artisan Partners and their families, is the fact that these pieces will stand the test of time. Most are made of polished and dyed seeds that won't tarnish and go in the trash after a year. I simply ADORE all of my Faire Collection pieces!

Get early access to Faire Collection's Winter Must-Have Flash Sale right here!

Monday, October 6, 2014

What I'm Loving - Face & Body Edition

Hi Lovelies!

I hope you all had a great weekend! As I had mentioned here, I've been really busy the last couple months doing this amazing fitness program. I've been into living a healthy lifestyle for years, but I kind of fell off the wagon for a while as far as physical activity was concerned, so I really threw myself into it the end of the summer. It's been so great for me. Some days are hard, not gonna lie, but more so because I'm committed to making the time to do it and sometimes I have to fit it in where it's not the most convenient. Anyway, even though I've been living a chemical-free lifestyle for a long time, I've been trying out some new stuff since being so active takes it to a whole other level. I thought I would share some of the latest fav's for the Face & Body with you!

Obviously when you're working out regularly, that means sweat and lots of it. This can definitely take it's toll on facial skin, my own included. I've been fighting breakouts by making sure I remember to wash my face beforehand and using a clean towel to blot my face with. I shower as soon as I'm done and I use my Clarisonic Mia (a must-have for me for the last 6 years) coupled with a good cleanser.

 photo FitnessFavs-Soaps.png
I've been using Sibu's Beauty Bar on and off for years and it's definitely a favorite for me. It doesn't break me out, which seems to be a major issue with most facial washes I use, and it lasts a really long time. Sibu was so kind to send me a Facial Cleanser recently and I loved this as well! This is a great, non-greasy cleanser that offers a little bit more moisture than the cleansing bar. It's a good option for this that are looking for an in-between cleanser that won't dry them out, but isn't too thick either. I also love that Sibu products aren't filled with icky ingredients that I stay away from and are gmo-free, fair trade, and cruelty-free (an absolute must for me!).

Shea Terra Organics is another favorite of mine, as I've mentioned here, here, and here in the past. I recently just placed another order with them and have been using the BlackSeed & Propolis bar for my face. My face has been a tiny bit dry, but it could be due to the recent drop in temps here too. So far it seems to be working pretty well! My face feels clean without feeling stripped!

 photo riiviva-1.png
Another recent purchase that I just have to mention as part of a regular regimen is this amazing beauty gadget that I'm smitten over! I've been wanting this machine for so long now and I was so lucky to get enough birthday money from my parents to buy it! It's called the Riiviva Microderm and it's seriously the most wonderful thing. It's a professional grade microderm machine that you can use at home and it has diamond tips, just like they use in the spa or medspa! At first glance it seems pretty pricey, but it quickly makes up for the cost when you think about how much a microderm treatment costs in your area. And in addition to that, it also has Cellulite attachments and body attachments to help slough away stretch marks! So far I've only used it on my face, but I adore it! I had purchased the PMD a couple months back and I just didn't feel like it was working very well, so I sent it back. However, my skin has been on overdrive from working out and I really need to the treatments regularly! I'll be reporting back in a couple weeks to let you know the results! Ps - As a Riiviva Consultant, I can extend a special exclusive coupon! Use code NJ0101 at checkout to save 10% + Free Shipping!

 photo FitnessFavs-Blksoap.jpg 
As I had mentioned above with the facial breakouts, this can also be an issue with the body as well when you're sweating a lot. As gross as that is, it's a reality. I like to use skin-nourishing body soaps that make me feel clean and refreshed! Shea Terra makes a liquid black soap in menthe that I've been using for years! But I never noticed that they make a bar version. I tend to be lest wasteful with bar soaps. I usually cut them into 3's and they last a really long time!! I recently purchased the Menthe Bar Soap and it's perfect for me. The black soap keeps breakouts at bay and the mint makes me feel clean and rejuvenated.

Another important aspect of living a healthy lifestyle is making sure to detox every week. I like to take an Epsom Salt bath weekly to soothe my tired muscles and get an extra dose of magnesium. I buy mine at Whole Foods, but a lot of places sell them! Just make sure they are pure and don't contain added synthetics, preservatives, or fragrance! Scrubs are also a great way to detox the body while also feeling a little indulgent - like a little spa treatment in your own shower.

 photo KRDetoxifoliant.jpg

Kaeng Raeng, a Detox company I've worked with in the past, was so generous to send me a sample of their brand new Detoxfoliant! In my opinion, a good quality salt scrub is hard to find and it's necessary when you're looking to purge some of those built up toxins lurking in your skin. This scrub not only contains Dead Sea Salt, but Himalayan Pink Salt as well! There's also some lovely essential oils and nourishing ingredients in there. It smells amazing and my skin felt so soft after using it! I also highly recommend the cleanse (check out my Cleanse Diary here) as well ; )

 photo Fitness-Bodybelle.jpg

The last product I want to mention is something I haven't tried, but is on my current lust list. I can't believe I'm sharing this across the internet, but I've noticed lately that I have more cellulite than I did a few months ago. I really would love to be able to get regular deep-tissue massages, but that's just not in the budget for me right now. So this Babybelle body buffer is top on my list and the 1st Gen model is only $150! It helps break down metabolic-waste and ease muscle cramping. The fact that cellulite improves with this type of stimulation is just an amazing side-effect!

So that's my latest round up of fav's! I'll be back tomorrow to share my progress with Kayla Itsines BBG Program and also later in the week with some more fav's! (Hair & Fitness Style)

DISCLAIMER: All products mentioned above, with the exception of the Sibu Facial Cleanser and Kaeng Raeng Detoxfoliant (which the companies generously provided samples of), were purchased by me. My opinion is my own and I received no compensation for this post.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Flash Friday Sale with Faire Collection - Early Access!

Hi Lovelies!

I have some amazing news to share! I had posted a couple months back about a company I fell in love with HERE.  Faire Collection is now offering a special Flash Sale tomorrow, as well as every 1st & 3rd Friday until November for 24 hours only! What does this mean? You can snag select drool-worthy, fair trade lovelies at up to 70% off! I love the craftsmanship & quality of each piece and the love that I know goes into each one from the amazing Artisan that created it! Another positive about these pieces beyond the unique styles and the support they offer to Artisan Partners and their families, is the fact that these pieces will stand the test of time. Most are made of polished and dyed seeds that won't tarnish and go in the trash after a year. I simply ADORE all of my Faire Collection pieces!

 photo Faire_FlashFriday_Thurs_Oct2.jpg

Want early access to the sale?! The Zelda Necklace at 30% is a must-have!!! Click through this link!

Monday, September 8, 2014

{ Week 4 of my Fitness Journey }

Hi Lovelies!

It's my favorite time of year again and today I got my first little taste of Fall weather that I've been pining for so much. Mid 70's might not seem like Autumn temps to some people, but with the week we had here in Jersey last week, it's downright chilly!

So if you don't follow me on Instagram (where I tend to be most active), you might not know that I kicked off a major Fitness regimen a few weeks ago. See here....

As you may or may not know, I'm a Certified Health Coach, so I'm really into Nutrition, Fitness, Healthy Living, etc. But I've really fallen off the fitness wagon in the last year or so. My weight has fluctuated quite a bit since I had my son and with some minor health issues that I'm still trying to get under control - think lots of food intolerance's, it was just time for me to take the leap into a major routine.... No excuses. I started out really hitting my home gym hard and was seeing great results! I've been a TIU plan member for a few years now and love their workouts, but I really wanted something more regimented that would build muscle the right way, and quite frankly..... kick my ass. I kept seeing a lot of other TIU girls posting Kayla Itsines BBG program and after about a week or looking at results every single day on Insta, I pulled the trigger!

I absolutely love it so far! I think it's exactly the structure I needed and it's good for me because I could feel myself getting into the mentality that I needed to burn 800-900 cals a workout for it to be good enough. That.... My friends, is how an obsession brews. And I love being obsessed with Fitness, but not in an unhealthy way. Especially with my perfectionist issues. So now I'm on week 2 and I'm loving the results! I still struggle with only doing 45m on the treadmill as my workout, but I'm trusting the process. Besides, there are some nights I'm SO sore and I know I'll be wishing for these easy nights when I get deeper into the program.

After already losing a size and being down almost 10lbs (that includes building muscle) in 3 weeks, I'm pretty happy with where I'm at so far and looking forward to seeing my body change over the next several weeks. If you're interested, I'll keep doing weekly updates here! And make sure to check out my Instragram feed for my daily updates =)

Have any of you tried the BBG program? What do you think so far???


PS - I purchased the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide with my own funds. It was not provided to me for review. This is my own experience and I'm sharing to inspire & motivate others ; ) 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Faire Collection has My Heart

I am so excited to share this post with you today! Mainly because the company I'm about to introduce to you is one that I've been a major fan of for a really long time. But not just because they offer gorgeous accessories and jewelry, but because they have such a touching mission. 

Recently I was contacted by Faire Collection about doing a feature and of course, because I already adore them, I was happy to gush about them. They so generously offered to gift me a necklace so that I could convey the total experience to you, and I have been wearing this necklace almost daily since I received it. 

 photo Faireshipping.jpg

First let me touch on the initial arrival before I get into the major details and company story. For anyone that is a regular visitor to this blog, or that knows me, you know that I'm a sucker for packaging. It makes a huge impression on me. And Faire Collection is no exception. The package arrived beautifully put together in a shipping box with shred. It was delicately wrapped in bright blue tissue and placed inside a simple, but nicely branded little envelope, along with a card that gives some info about the company and the countries where the Handmade Jewelry & accessories are made. One of my most favorite details though, was a tag that was on the necklace that gives me the name of the person that made it. I absolutely LOVED  this little touch and felt so connected to the fact that a person in another country used their hands to make me this necklace. Amazing!!! 

 photo Faire_CatalinaNKL_SeaGreen.jpg

The necklace that was sent to me is called the Catalina necklace, and in addition to the gorgeous papaya color that I was gifted, there is also a gorgeous sea green option. This necklace was Artisan-made  in Ecuador with hand-dyed Tagua & Pambil Seeds, Wood, Brass, and Wax Cord. I love it! It's the perfect length, has a nice weight but not too heavy,  and adds a nice little soft pop of color, while still being semi-neutral if that makes sense. I love to wear it with my maxi dresses, a cardi & tank combo for cooler summer days and in the office, and it looks great with some dangly gold earrings and a plain v-neck tee. It's really versatile!

So now for the details about Faire Collection as a company.... 

 photo FaireArtisansWorking.jpg

Faire Collection created fair trade accessories that are made with responsibly sourced natural materials from around the globe.

Their New York design team travels to remote corners of the world to design with vibrant indigenous cultures and one-of-a-kind natural materials. They now work with communities in Ecuador, Peru, Swaziland and Vietnam, providing their Artisan partners a path to prosperity. 

Check out this short video to get a sense of just how much this opportunity impacts these communities. It literally gives me goosebumps...

I also really love this "Story of your Necklace" timeline and this Bio on Amanda Judge, Founder and CEO!

In addition to gorgeous jewelry like the Catalina necklace, Faire Collection also carries scarves (love!) & hats, as well as an amazing Sale Section! Here are my current favs - The Galapagos Necklace in Turquoise, the Cascade Necklace in Periwinkle (Gorgeous & On Sale!!!) and the item at the very top of my wishlist, the Tagua Bib, which I love in every single color! I've been lusting after this one for a while and am undecided between the Berry & Sunset Orange for Fall!

I hope you enjoyed learning about Faire Collection & consider making a purchase with a purpose! Make sure to bookmark your favs! lets you know when they go on sale ; ) and check them out on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter!