Monday, May 7, 2012

One More Week! Eeeeeee!!!!

{Photo via ABC}
I haven't mentioned it much over the last few seasons, but I am a raging Bachelor/Bachelorette FANATIC!!! I have watched every season of both shows since the very first Bachelor, Alex Michel. Every. Single. One.  And even though some seasons have been downright annoying, I just can't help myself! I LOVE it and rest assured, as long as it's on, I'll be watching! I found the last few seasons pretty lackluster unfortunately. Hence the lack of posting on the topic. In my opinion, not many can compare to the adorable Jillian Harris who clearly took the cake with her fashion/fun filled season! However, I have been super excited ever since I found out that this gorgeous, sweet lady was going to be the next Bachelorette!
{Photo Via ABC}
I loved Emily on Brad's season! Though I loved all the girls. Ahem, Michelle Money (yes, I was a Michelle fan. I didn't jump on the hate wagon and I absolutely LOVED her!!!) Emily was the girl that stood out to me from the very beginning. She has such a sweet personality, impeccable style, and seems like she could be really fun! I'm really looking forward to the premier next week and if a lot of you lovely readers watch the show as well, I would really love to post weekly recaps and thoughts! What do you think?? Here is a little sneak peak via Youtube!!! I can't wait!