Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bachelorette Recap - Week 3

Sorry for posting a bit late today! My son is home from school on a "snow day" and after the holiday weekend, it took me a bit of time to get on here. So last night.... Last night's show was a bit better. We're getting there! Slowly, but hopefully each week will liven up a bit. I'm linking up with Bachelorette Dish again this week (it's always so much fun to do these recaps with company!) so let's get started with the one-on-one dates....

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Emily & Chris. I have to say... I didn't really think much of Chris at first. He seemed ok to me. But last night showed a sweeter side of him. I still can't tell if it's really genuine or not. But he seems like a nice guy. But nice all the same. I thought going up the side of the building was a bit strange. Def not my cup of tea!!! But Emily handled it well and though Chris comforting her was a bit on the dry side, it was nice to see them interact that way.

{ photo via abc.com }
Now Arie & Emily are adorable together! They have really great chemistry and he was so sweet to her. Loved all the forehead kisses and the hugging etc. I agree with Dolly, it definitely seemed like this was one of many dates and not just the first. I'm really hoping that Arie doesn't end up turning out like my prediction (guy that isn't so nice acting really nice) and if he does, I'm really hoping that Emily is as smart as I think she is. But how cute was their date to Dollywood?! It looked like such a neat place. Ps - I love Dolly, she is so so cute!!! I'm really looking forward to seeing how Emily & Arie's relationship grows, though it's quite obvious that he'll be one of the last guys standing!

The group date was interesting! Way to put the guys on the spot with the group of friends. But again, as a single mom and someone who takes this whole process really seriously, Emily is very smart! The date definitely put the guys in a position where she was able to weed some of them out, ahem..... Alessandro. I mean, what the heck was that?! His cousin??? A gypsy king?! Thankfully he showed his true colors later one and she gave him the boot. What a weirdo!!! Anyway, getting back to it. Sean..... We FINALLY got to see more of Sean!!! I knew he stuck out to me for a reason! I called it for sure and there is not a doubt in my mind that this man will be at the very end. He is handsome, kind, genuine and knows what he wants. It was so funny to see Emily's friends lusting after him! I can't wait to see Emily & Sean interact on a one on one date. I'm betting that comes next week!

Getting to my least favorite. I don't really like to talk about the people on these shows in a negative way. They are people just like you and me after all. But sometimes I can't help myself from saying just a little. Ryan. I know he's a top guy for so many Bachelorette fans out there. But I just don't see it. I don't see this guy that is so great for Emily like everyone else sees. He really doesn't seem like he's there for the right reasons and everything to do with Emily, the group date, her friends etc, just seemed like a game to him. My guess is that he'll make it pretty far, but Emily will sniff out the jerk in him and send him packing closer to the end.

Loved so many of her cute little date outfits & accessories. Make sure to stop by Possessionista to ID your fav's! Until next week!!!

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