Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My New Love .... The Duluth Trading Convertible Messenger

 photo DuluthBag1.jpg

So I was recently gifted this gorgeous bag from Duluth Trading. And to say that I love it, or even adore it, just wouldn't convey the feelings that I've been having. I'm totally smitten. I'm not really one for trends. I don't feel I need to have the latest Coach bag (though I do own one, which this bag replaced), and owning a Louis isn't one of my goals.... Though there's nothing wrong with either. I just tend to gravitate towards different and unique. I want what everyone else doesn't have. I revel in the extraordinary. I love using clothing, accessories and jewelry as my own personal expression. And this bag..... This lovely, beautiful bag.... Definitely fits the bill for me. So let's get into the details....

 photo DuluthBag2.jpg

The Convertible Messenger bag comes to you in a Duluth dust bag and upon first glance, though it is brown, it looks to be a very bright brown, more on the saddle side. It's very slightly stiff when you first take it out. But this is the thing that I love most about this bag, and why I waited some time before writing this post. This is a lifetime leather bag. It's actually made to age and look better over time. ******swoon. For me this is a HUGE deal. While I prefer a very distinct look in all of my accessories, I'm also a creature of habit, and I cherish the durability of a product that I have fallen so deeply in lust with. I'm known for buying 5 of the same shirt when I find something that just works for me, that way I can wear it forever. But with this bag, I have the added assurance that I won't have to do that. This beauty will only get more buttery and gorgeous with time. We are soulmates....  For life.

So all appearance aside, because I'm not just all about looks.... Lets get into the actual function. I personally don't love all of my things swimming around inside my bag, so I like to put them in another bag inside. I finally got some use out of my Marc Jacobs for Target clutch, which was also very exciting, since the poor thing was perched in my closet since last year! A travesty..... I know. But I do think that if you just like to throw your things inside and go, you would be totally fine. There are tons of pockets! There's a big one (big enough for an ipad or notebook) and then on the other side, two smaller pockets, which one is perfect for a phone.... A necessity for me. There are also two on the outside - perfect for my planner and then my grab and go items in the zip compartment, like my lip balm, lip tint, hand cream, etc.

The last thing that's really interesting about this messenger, and the reason it's called a "convertible" messenger, is that it can, well... convert. You can choose to wear it on your shoulder with a long strap (I do) or you can make it into a backpack. I don't really see myself wearing it this way, though it may just come in handy when I'm out for a day trip when the warm weather gets here! Overall, I give this bag a 5 star rating. It has everything.... Beauty, Function, and Durability.

Now because I fell so head over heels for the bag, I decided to take a look at the Duluth website. Though this is a trading company that has many outdoorsy type items that are meant to stand the test of time, I found some great items for the everyday. I loved a couple of the other bags, flannels, and this organic underwear looks comfy.... but I really fell hard for a few of their jackets. I've been kind of obsessed with Buffalo Plaid and really love this FlapJack Flannel Shirt Jacket. And the DuluthFlex Ripstock Jacket looks perfect for the warmer days on the tail end of winter. There was also a gorgeous Wool Duffle Coat that was on sale in the catalog, but it has since sold out. Maybe they'll bring it back next winter!!!

The other thing that really blew me away is the company overall. I'm a sucker for packaging, slogans, and genius marketing. They really sucked me in with their clever & cheeky names and descriptions. I'm so glad I found Duluth and I definitely see myself placing quite a few orders with them in the future!!! If you're interested in checking Duluth out, just visit any of the links above or touch base via Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. They also post some fun reviews on their YouTube channel!

Ps - make sure to stop back tomorrow to see my "Couples Cleanse Diary" and our results!!!

DISCLAIMER: The Lifetime Leather Convertible Messenger bag was generously gifted to me for my review. I was not otherwise compensated by Duluth Trading for this post in any way. All opinions stated are my own.