Friday, September 25, 2009

I need to go to Rehab... Fall TV Rehab that is ; )

So all the delightful Fall shows have pretty much started with the exception of a few starting back up this coming week. I am a major nightime TV addict and my head is already spinning with all of these new shows and all of my fav's back on tv ..... finally!!! After months and months of absolutely nothing to watch. Falling victim to whatever movies were on the cable channels and renting movies on Netflix. Yes, Fall TV is back!!!

I've been recently getting into The Vampire Diaries and I like it so far. Yes, I am one of those women who still watch the teen shows. There is nothing wrong with it! My husband even watches them with me (he is SO going to kick me for outing him in blogland, lol). I will admit it, they are amongst some of my favorite shows - Gossip Girl, 90210, One Tree Hill, The City, The Hills, etc. Love, love, love.

I tried out a couple new shows this week as well. Mercy, The Forgotten and Eastwick. Like them all so far! Eastwick sucked me in right away and I'm a HUGE Lindsay Price fan (loved her on Lipstick Jungle!). I can't wait to see what happens next week! And Grey's is back on! I didn't love the Season Premier, but I know it will get better... hoping at least. If not, I can always goggle McSteamy the whole show ;)

And exciting things happening this week!! Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, The City, Real World/Road Rules Challenge and Private Practice. I. Can't. Wait!!!

So what do you think about the new Fall shows so far? What are your fav's?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Winter Coats

So sorry I've been MIA! I've had a lot going on with going to my various dental appointments and trying to fit the pieces together in my TMJ puzzle! As well as celebrating my 29th bday this past weekend as well. It was a lovely day of lunch, shopping, and a wonderful dinner with delicious cake with my two men!! But I came down with a sinus infection/bronchitis on Sunday and have been sick all week. Now the little man has it too, ugh.... You just can't win! On a positive note, I've been looking for a new winter coat and got an email from Editors Closet today. They are having an Eli Tahari sale and there are a couple nice coats in there - they look really warm too, which is always a plus!! Let me know what you think....

I will most likely get a regular wool lady coat, but I always thought that these coats, though not completely my style, look so great on other women!!! So what's the verdict? Yay or nay? ; )

Friday, September 11, 2009

In Rememberance of 9/11

I will never forget this day as long as I live. I still remember exactly what I was doing the moment the first plane hit one of the twin towers. I was driving to work and I heard what happened on the radio. When I got to the office everyone was watching the news and we all watched in horror as the second tower was hit. Those images are seared into my mind and when I close my eyes I can still see them vividly. My heart goes out to all of the victims of 9/11 - whether you are a survivor, one of the lives lost, or a friend or family member of a person lost in this tragedy. I will never forget...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I have loved you forever...

I have wanted these Michael Kors boots forever and since my birthday is coming up, am considering taking the plunge and getting them, but I just can't make up my mind. Would I wear them enough? Would they go with enough? What color would I get? Ugh, decisions decisions!! I really like all of the colors except the bright red. Here they are in the darker brown...

They also come in a lighter shade of brown, black, an earthy green color and garnet (which is gorgeous, but I don't think it would match enough). What do you think? Like? Not like?

O...M...G... YUM!!!

So I'm sitting here in my completely uninspired, lazy and downright "blah" mood scrolling through blog updates and I came across this little gem of a post from Lauren at Lovely Life of Lauren about a company called Coconut Bliss

I clicked on the link to the website and nearly fell over when I saw all the different flavors and that they are made soy, dairy and gluten free and also made with agave! Being that I'm on a diet and don't eat artificial sweetener and try to avoid tons of gluten and dairy, I was so excited to learn that my local Whole Foods and Wegmans both carry this product and I was actually planning on going food shopping tonight ;) Thanks again for the post Lauren!!!

Designer Clothing for Less!

I am still in the process of getting my next couple Lust Lists together to post! To tide you over until then I have some links to some great sites where you can score designer clothing, accessories and even makeup and skincare for less! If you are not a member of these sites you are definitely missing out!!! These are personal links and I do get a referral fee paid to me (but only if you place an order) - but these sites are invite only. It is free to join and I have been a member of a few of them for a while now and have placed a few orders!!! Check them out ;)


Gilt Group

Gilt Fuse

And last. but not least, My Fav! RueLaLa

Just make sure to check the return policies on the sites. A lot of them allow returns, but it may vary depending on the sale. I'm a member of a couple other sites as well, but these are the best in my opinion and have the best assortment of gorgeous clothes, bags, jewelry etc. Enjoy!!!