Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bachelor Recap

So last nights show was pretty eventful in terms of learning more about the girls. At least for me it was! I'm definitely enjoying this season of The Bachelor and I like Jake even more now than I did before!! So lets start off with each girl, forgive me if I get the date order wrong, I think I remember, but it may be out of order, lol ....

Tenley was the first one-on-one date of the show and I was so glad she was one of the girls he chose to take on a single date! From the very beginning I really liked Tenley. For a while there, when they weren't showing a whole lot of her, I was wondering if she was too wholesome, too sickly sweet, and she kind of came off as annoying at times. But after seeing her on this date, I stand firm by the fact that I really like her and she seems very genuine. I know that Jake already comes off as over the top and intense and it might seem like overload for him to be with someone like Tenley. But ever since the very first show I thought that they seemed as though they would fit well together. They make sense and it truly seems as though there is a spark there. I don't want to get into anything else on Tenley right now since I don't want to post any spoilers. I really like her and that's all I'm going to say ;)

Next is Gia. I know she went on a double date with Vienna as well, but I'm not going to include Vienna here since I have way too much to say about her and want to save it for the end. Last week when Gia and Jake went on a one-on-one date I was so pleasantly surprised with this girl! I think she seems so sweet and down to earth, a genuinely nice person. Her and Jake seem to have a real spark as well. I would love to see her make it to the final three, but I have a sinking suspicion that that won't happen. It looks like a lot of drama is going to ensue on next weeks show, could Gia be a part of that maybe? I did think she handled the date very well, especially when Vienna went to sneak into Jake's room... but more about that a little later ;)

I wasn't too sure about Corrie since we didn't really hear much from her other than her little stand-up routine making fun of the girls, which I did not like at all. I do think she is adorable and I was hoping that maybe there was some alcohol and nervousness involved in that little minor outburst. The date was hot and cold and how painful was that when they were in the boat just staring at each other? LOL. I felt like screaming at the tv "Just kiss each other already!!!" I have mixed feelings on the end result. I'm not really sure Corrie deserved to stay since she didn't seem to put herself out there enough leading up to the date and it really seemed to be too little too late. But then again, I felt other people, actually a certain other person, really deserved to go home this week.

Ali's date with Jake went well! I think they also fit really well together and she was the other girl that I immediately liked from the beginning. I called Tenley & Ali as final two - whether that will be true or not, we'll see. I really like Ali, but this whole thing with Vienna has gotten really old and I'm hoping that she can really let it go like she says she is going to. I totally get where she is coming from and see how it must be frustrating, but... 1) It's none of her business, 2) I think it's rude that she vocalizes it constantly, 3) It's hypocritical for her to act like she's this super-nice and mature person when she can be hurtful and dig into Vienna in front of her face the way she does, and 4) It's annoying to see it every week. Just get over it already Ali!!!

And last and certainly least in my opinion .......

Vienna. Ah, where do I start? Well I know when they showed a clip about Vienna in the very first show I was not impressed AT ALL. I thought she came off as a Paris Hilton Wannabe and did not seem like she belonged there. I definitely thought she would be one of the first to go. As we got to know her a little bit, my feelings started to change, but I always had that little voice in the back of my head telling me that this girl is not for real. After watching last nights show, there is no doubt in my mind that she is not there for Jake. She doesn't come off as genuine and her little crying episodes come off as very rehearsed. It really bothered me that she was on the double date and wanted to pretend that Gia wasn't sitting right there. I understand that this is a show where Jake and one girl end up together in the end. But the second Jake went off with Gia, Vienna was soooo hurt. Nevermind the fact that she probably dominated an hour of conversation with Jake with Gia sitting there, talking about her Ali drama. She really should have saved that for the time she would talk to him alone. And going to his room... just ridiculous. I tried so hard to like her and see things from her point of view. But I just don't. I don't like her at all. And if Jake keeps her around and chooses her in the end over women like Tenly, Ali or Gia, that seem like they are genuinely there for him and not to win some prize, then he is not the guy I thought he was! I guess we will see. Sorry for my little rant there, LOL. Can you tell last nights show struck a nerve?!

Until next week!!!

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