Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My thoughts on the FasciaBlaster - Part 2

Quite a while ago I had written a post about my experience with the FasciaBlaster. With every intention of writing a follow-up post, time obviously got away from me, and I never ended up doing so. But after many emails peppered with questions, and requests to post my latest thoughts.... here I am. I can't believe it's been well over a year since I started blasting, but it has! And while I don't have the earth shattering results that some others have, that's due to my own lack of effort to blast regularly. I currently only use my FasciaBlaster about once per week, because it is a little time consuming and labor-intensive. But it does work!!! Here are my thoughts broken down.....

Usage & Tips...

- You absolutely WILL bruise and it most likely will be uncomfortable. Go on Ashley Black's YouTube and watch as many videos and tutorials as possible to prep yourself on methods, reasoning, and pain/bruising expectation. I will say that I still bruise occasionally now, but it definitely does improve and I'm sure if I used the FB as much as I would like, I wouldn't bruise at all. 

- The pain also gets better. When you have all that gravely fascia under the skin, it doesn't feel so nice to break it up. Just go easy per Ashely's recommendations and be patient. I won't say that it feels good at this point, though some areas do and some areas are still sensitive (helloooo calves!) - but the pain will decrease over time as well. 

- Make time to use the FB and schedule it in. I think if I did this, I would use it more regularly and have more pronounced results. I personally prefer to use it in the shower with Body Wash. It gives a better slip. But it's like an upper body workout and being that I would typically blast after a workout session, it can be really tiring. I've started using a towel and sitting on my floor with some oil and though I feel like this isn't as good of a Blast, I do feel like it's a bit easier to work in sections and I can take my time.

What I've used it with...

- I've used a body oil by Shea Moisture. They make several and you can pick it up at Target. But I ultimately switched because the smell was a bit too strong for me.

- I love to use Acure Organics Energizing body wash in the shower. It has some amazing ingredients for your skin, it's not filled with hormone-disrupting chemicals, and it works really well! Plus it smells a little like dessert!! And now they make a large bottle - LOVE!

- Now when I blast outside of the shower, I love Desert Essence Organic Jojoba & Coffee Oil. This stuff is AMAZING! It works so well for blasting, it has some great ingredients, and the scent is soooo good. Plus, I was hoping that maybe the coffee would provide some tightening effects. I highly recommend this one. It's not a giant bottle, but you can pick it up online, often with a discount.

My Final Thoughts...

So you're probably wondering if I feel that the FasciaBlaster is worth $89? The short answer -  Yes... ABSOLUTELY. I think it's worth every penny and then some. It has tightened up my skin, improved some dimply areas, and has helped the fat pockets above my knees that I loathe. It also helps with recovery after my strenuous workouts (I train 6 days per week). I'm not nearly as sore when I use it after a tough leg day. Oh, and my Achilles Tendonitis that I developed last year? Thanks to the FB & a new pair of Brooks Ghost 8's, GONE! 

I receive no compensation for this post or any orders placed through a single link on this site. I would only ever recommend a product that I truly believe in. I've seen the results on myself, and also on many photo's shared on Ashley's Facebook group. It's truly amazing how this invention of hers works and it has helped so many people - myself included. 

ps - I may have heard through the grapevine that there's a super Black Friday sale coming up that includes a FaceBlaster with purchase of a glossy black FasciaBlaster (until supplies last)! Jump on it!!! I haven't been lucky enough to try to the FaceBlaster, but let me tell you.... I've seen photo's shared directly from the individuals using it, and also videos and the results are phenomenal!

Hopefully I'll feel brave enough to share some before & after photo's in the future! Until then, keep the questions, comments, and emails coming! Happy Blasting!!!


DISCLAIMER: I was not compensated for this post in any way. All links provided are not affiliate links. All opinions are my own and I was not financially influenced.