Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Why I need a NuFace Trinity - A Review

Happy New Year! I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. The holidays flew by!!! I hope all of you had an amazing Holiday =)I'm so excited to share this post with you!!! I have been lusting after, actually coveting really, this one specific beauty device for quite some time. After a summer spent running outside with no added sunblock and furrowing from the sun, and a 35th birthday this past September, my skin has been left looking like a hot mess.

More specifically a vertical line starting to form above my left brow (the more active of the two) and a small indent starting to form above the center of my brows from constant furrowing. In 100% complete transparency, I considered Botox. It's like these little shits appeared almost overnight. Not even kidding!!! But after reading and reading about Botox, and also because of the Holistic-minded lifestyle I lead, I decided I'm not going that route without at least trying some alternatives first. And only when I'm just completely unhappy when I look in the mirror.

So one of the top items on my list was the Nuface Trinity. Now this little beauty's main function isn't really just wrinkles. It's more about fine lines, toning & tightening the skin and muscles on the face with something referred to as Microcurrent, or the "5 minute facial-lift". Retraining them in a way. I took this logic as possibly being able to soften my bulgy looking muscles in my forehead by "training them" to move in the opposite direction. My main issue was my forehead and just some very tiny little pucker lines starting to form on one side of my lips. Also, maybe a little lift of the brows as well.

I poured over the website, reviews, and youtube videos for months. I read as much as I could on this little gadget and all the benefits of microcurrent for the face. It seemed that the Trinity, more specifically the Ele attachment, was what I needed. However, even with my Christmas money from my parents, it just wasn't in my budget. So I hesitantly pulled the trigger on the limited edition rose gold NuFace mini. I had hopes that this would work on my issues, and even though I knew deep inside the Trinity was the better option, I hoped maybe this version would buy me some time until I could afford the big guns.

I ended up purchasing my mini from skinstore and they shipped it really quickly! I had to charge it the day I got it, so I didn't get to use it until the next day. That morning I woke up, gave my face a quick wash and immediately sat at my vanity and slathered the nuface primer gel all over my face. I was a little nervous, but turned it on the medium setting and glided it across my lower jaw per the instructions. I felt a tiny sensation, but nothing uncomfortable. I did all the quadrants of my face as suggested. The only adjustment I did do was move the nuface from those little bulges above my brows, outward, in hopes of relaxing them a bit. And let me tell you...... it worked! The indent that I hated so much was gone and I did notice a subtle difference in my face!!

I was extremely happy with the immediate results, and got the same results the next couple times I used the device. I did get a very tiny bit of muscle fatigue, but I'm assuming this would decrease in time. Ok, so this is where it appears that this review is taking a turn for the worst. But I assure you, this is not a negative review in the slightest.

I did return the NuFace mini. I know, I knooooow =( But I promise that I didn't return it because I was unhappy with it. Actually it was the opposite! So here is my immediate reasoning. The Trinity's price tag is a little on the high side, which is why I tried to cut corners by purchasing the mini. You can buy it from some approved retailers that offer coupons, making the price a little less steep, which I would suggest. But I so desperately wanted to try this little miracle, that I bought the version that wasn't really suited for me. So lets review my main skin issues:

~ very slight horizontal lines across the forehead
~ a vertical line forming off of my left brow
~ overactive muscles due to furrowing, creating an indent
~ slightly saggy brow muscles in need of some tightening

While the mini does address these concerns, I felt the large balls aka the face trainer (insert inappropriate humor here) were slightly difficult to maneuver on my face. I have a smaller face with delicate features and felt like some areas were getting double treatment. I felt like the biggest area of my face that would benefit from the mini, would be my cheek and jaw areas, which I feel are also the least of my concerns currently.

So why did I ultimately return it even though it was working for me?

Because I need the Trinity. Period. There's no cutting corners here ladies.

And I unfortunately just don't have the funds to keep the mini until I can afford the Trinity. I think if your main concern is loss of elasticity and feeling like your cheek and jaw area is saggy, the mini is great! I'm not saying it's not an amazing little device. It truly is, and if you're someone that just needs this little powerhouse (maybe someone that has already had Botox? Then you need it. I'll get into that later next week) and don't have the budget for the Trinity, then by all means.... pull that trigger. But I need that Ele attachment, which the mini doesn't have. Why do I need the Ele? It will be so much easier to use on those problem areas and to really get under my tiny little brows. And also, I feel like I need that more advanced, 15 minute facial-lift. This really and truly was too difficult to see without actually trying the mini.

So after reading this long novel of a post, I hope you see that this is a positive review and I hope that if you've been considering purchasing either the mini or the trinity, this has helped you! Even though I'm currently mourning the loss of my little rose gold beauty, I'm really really looking forward to getting my hands on that Trinity, hopefully in the very near future! I highly recommend this device and hope it works as well for you as it did for me!!!

Ps - I've been doing all kinds of research for natural alternatives to Botox & facelifts, and am planning a series to launch hopefully next week! I'm looking at devices, treatments, skin products, and more. If you know of a product or device that you would recommend for someone that only uses safe, non-toxic ingredients, please feel free to contact me!


DISCLAIMER: This review is based on a product I personally purchased. I was not provided with a sample or financial compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.