Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday's Fancies - Cozy Weekend

 sweater  //  jeans  //  earrings  //  necklace  //  hat  //  boots   //  coat

This week I'm linking up with Long Distance Loving for Friday Fancies. It's been quite a while since I've done this, but now that it's finally my ideal season, I had some inspiration! Right now I'm all about being cozy, especially on the weekends! This is my favorite time of year and I love to accessorize with amazing coats, cute boots, soft winter scarves, glittens and hats as well as simple gold jewelry. This monogram necklace has been on my wishlist for quite a while!

On another note.... I've been meaning to take pics of those jacket I bought from Banana Republic years ago, and I mean years!!! But it's beautiful, I've never worn it and I would really like to find it a new home just in time for the holidays!!! It's more of a dress coat and it's literally still in the dust jacket I brought it home in. It's a silk brocade dress coat in a pretty champagne/gold color with a paisley pattern of light green with gold thread. This pic doesn't do it justice!!! It was regularly $298, I purchased it for $189 and am willing to part with it for $100. It's a size Small and it would make an amazing compliment to a gorgeous outfit for Christmas or New Years Eve! If you're interested, shoot me an email or comment here!

Have a great weekend!!!


Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Steals!

There are so many great deals going on today that it makes my head spin! I'm not a black friday shopper, at least not in stores anyway. Today is my favorite shopping day to kick off the holiday season and that's mainly because I always prefer shopping online & think that cyber monday offers the best deals. I can prioritize so much easier and I know exactly how much I'm spending. I get major anxiety trying to make important decisions standing in a store! I'm known for buying and returning items many times this time of year. Just ask my Husband!!! He never seems to understand why I can stand in JCrew agonizing over which coat to buy for an hour when there's a good sale! These are important decisions!!! So I apologize in advance if this post is all over the place. I really can be such a magpie when it comes to pretty things. Especially pretty sparkly things, which to my delight, dominate the shops this time of year!!! So here are a few of my handpicked fav's....

I snagged this gorgeous silk skirt from Club Monaco on sale with an additional 30% off! They only had Size 6 left, so if you love it and that's your size, hurry!!!

These cashmere fingerless gloves were also an amazing deal! They come in a bunch of colors (grey & camel are my fav!) and with the additional 30% off they are a steal!!!

There's also some amazing deals on Gilt today! If you're not familiar with this site, it's a sample site that I've been shopping through for years! You can get tons of designer items at a discount, like this Soia & Kyo Houndstooth Coat or this adorable Moschino Heart Umbrella on sale today! Even better, Get $25 off your first purchase through this link!

So that wraps up all my current picks! Also make sure to stop by a few of my other fav stores to get some great deals...

JCrew - 25% off with code MONDAY & 6% cashback
Asos - 30% off with code CYBERMONDAYSPECIAL
Madwell - 25% off with code TREAT & 8% cashback
ON, Gap & BR - 30% applied at checkout & 10% cashback

Happy Shopping!!!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts lately! I always feel like my brain is going a mile a minute!!! Ever since Halloween, everything seems to be on warp speed! Can you believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving?!?! The time just flies by!!! I've been really trying to get everything organized between my son's class parties, planning gifts, making gifts etc because I know that Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye! With life going by so quickly, I wanted to make sure I popped on here to share a few things...

What I'm thankful for....

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I'm super thankful for my little family - my husband, my son, my pets & myself ; ) It's so easy to get caught up in the everyday woes of life, family issues (c'mon most people have them!), financial stress, and sometimes even "keeping up with the joneses". I don't necessarily wish I had things other people have specifically. But I'm def guilty of wishing I had things on my own wish list and not appreciating what I already have. Today I read a very sad post by a blogger sharing the story of how she lost her little brother in a tragedy 3 years ago, and it really made me stop and think. Sometimes I get so caught up in the "get up go go go" constantly, that I forget how fleeting & fragile life really is. No ones life is perfect. Mine certainly isn't. There are things I wish were different and often find myself pining, which makes me forget how good I have it. I have a home with a roof over my head, nice things and a wonderful Husband & little boy who I love dearly. What more could I ask for?

I also truly appreciate all of you! I'm such a perfectionist that I often get caught up in constant self-criticism regarding my blogging. It's times like this where I remember to take a breath, stop focusing on what I'm going to write about next, is it good enough, will people like it, etc and revel in the fact that I've connected with all of you. I've become bloggy friends with some amazing girlies over the years and am making so many new friends through this little blog O' mine, that I never would have crossed paths with otherwise. I love that. The sense of community!!! I adore all of you and am so happy that you have stuck with me through so many ups and downs in the last year!

On that note, I have an amazing recipe to share with you. Many years ago, when I first started cooking Thanksgiving dinner (which I think was back in my Condo with my then Fiance at maybe.... er.... 23?) I pulled out an Ad for Jimmy Dean sausage with a stuffing recipe on it. Now let me preface by saying that I am a Health Nut a majority of the time. However, I've been making this recipe for so long, that it's a Thanksgiving staple in my home! And now I want to share it with you!!!

I really hope you enjoy it! It's so good!!! I'm hoping to get some gift guides together over the next week or so! There's some amazing deals going on that started today! Check out some of my fav items from JCrew, JC Factory, Anthro & Club Monaco!!

JCrew - 25% off $150+ with code COLOR25
JCrew Factory - Extra 15% off already marked down items with a purchase of $100+
Anthro - Extra 25% off Sale items no code needed
Cub Monaco - Extra 30% Off Sale items + FS

I'm also planning on sharing more sales as well as my top picks! Until then, wishing each and every one of you a fantastic holiday!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday Wants - Gift Ideas for someone special or you!!!

Since the departure of Sandy it's been freezing here in Jersey! I don't mind it much though. Winter is my fav season!!! Am I a glutton for punishment? No way! I love being toasty & cozy. But most of all, I love everything the late Fall & early Winter brings! The crafts with my son, snugly movie nights with the Husby, prepping for delicious holiday meals, making holiday gifts, and getting ready for Christmas! Yes... I really dropped the C word already. It seems the second it starts to get chilly and November starts, I have Holidays on my mind. I love it all. The music, the decor, the crafts (hello pinterest!!!) and ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas!

So of course, in all of my Pinterest Perusing & Window Shopping daily online, I've developed quite a lust list! I just had to share a few of my fav's!!!

One little darling at the tippy top of my list lately is by a company called Melange Perfume based out of LA. I've been following this amazing company for some time and kept dragging my feet on making a purchase since I couldn't decide what I wanted. I LOVE mixing my scents, so I knew I def wanted a palette. I finally decided on the Amber 2 palette and put it on my birthday list back in Sept. Hubby did buy it for me and  I have not stopped wearing this gorgeous set of scents since!!! The fragrances are so unique and I love that I don't smell like everyone else!

One thing that is super important to me is that the perfumes are a healthy alternative being that they are based with various natural oils depending whether you go with a liquid or solid. For those of you that might be new to the blog, I'm a health nut! Especially with cosmetics!!! You might be shaking your heads thinking "But what does that have to do with perfume?" Well unfortunately your typical perfume can contain thousands of chemicals just in the "fragrance" part of it!!! I know, I know. I'm sorry! I don't mean to burst your pretty little bubbles, but it's true =( Trust me, I was once a perfume collector many years ago. But I haven't worn regular perfume in years. In fact, aside from the hazard factor, it downright assaults my nose at this point! Anyway, moving on.... This palette is to die for! You can wear the scents alone or layer them and you can rest easy knowing that you're not lacing your body with tons of ick!!! The best part? Melange recently had a palette featured in Marie Claire and they are offering a celebratory coupon code to be used on their palettes!!! Now through November 20th you can save 20% on any palette by entering "Marie Claire" at checkout & recalculating! I highly recommend the Amber 2 if you love vanilla and smoky scents. Amber 1 is next on the list for me!

I've also been lusting after this gorgeous Deux Lux satchel for quite a while! They posted a little sneak peek photo on their FB page back in the summer! That's how long I've been waiting for this baby!!! Isn't she gorgeous?! Though I have no idea which color I would pick. I'm between the Gray & Black I think. This bag adds the perfect dose of sparkle in those chilly winter months and what girl doesn't need sparkle?!?

I also have a lengthy list of current fav's that I've been keeping track of through CurrentlyObsessed and rather than post all the pics separate, it's just easier to allow you to scroll through! Right now there's an Asos coupon for that lovely Foil Dot Sweatshirt (ACE25) and there's also a coupon for JCrew Factory (HaulPass)!

Happy Shopping!!!


DISCLAIMER: The Melange Perfume review was not paid and I will recieve no compensation for this post. I just happen to really love the product! I would never post about a product that I didn't like. I hope you enjoy the palette as much as I do!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

I'm Back with some JCrew Fav's!

Hi Lovelies! I apologize for the long delay in posting! I'm finally starting to feel like myself again, but have had so much going on. Between my couple week recovery, school events for my son, and the recent Hurricane devastation (I'm ok & luckily, so is my home. Others were not so lucky...) I just haven't had time to really sit and post and honestly, with so much going on so close to home with Sandy, I didn't feel right posting until now. Last night we were watching the Telethon and it's just so sad. There were many people in my area that had damage from water, fallen trees and even a couple fires from power lines & transformers blowing out. It was very scary preparing for the storm and not knowing what to expect. We watched the news for days and it was really surreal to see so much tragedy playing out right before our eyes not far from where we live in NJ. Needless to say, that's been on my mind and with school being out for a couple days and starting back up with Halloween madness, it's been hard to find time to sit and gather myself to write!

But I'm finally back and ready to get this blog going in full swing again! I wanted to post about something a little lighthearted with so much sadness going around. I checked my email this morning and J.Crew is having one of their amazing sales!! 25% off of your total purchase of $150+ with free shipping as well with code OURTREAT! Of course I had to peruse the entire selection and picked some of my current fav's! Now is a great time to snag a couple at a great price!!!

PS - as you will notice, this is a RewardStyle boutique! You may have seen my CurrentlyObsessed button over on the right! If you want more info on how to get involved with RewardStyle, I would love to refer you to them! Shoot me an email and I'm happy to pass along your info ;)
Enjoy your weekend!!!