Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bachelor Pad Recap Week 2

{ Via Abc }
 I missed my recap last week, but that's ok, the intro show wasn't packin' too much heat and the heat it was packin' (those twins), I wasn't too crazy about! But last night def did not disappoint for several reasons!!! And I also decided to linkup with More from Meg, which makes these recaps so much fun!!!

First and foremost.... what happened to "poor, sweet, loving" Chris from Bachelorette??? I don't really think that. I actually wasn't much of a fan of his at all and knew I didn't like him for a reason. I totally saw through the act for sure!!! I know this is a game at the end of the day and everyone plays differently, but I'm not digging the air of arrogance AT ALL. There are people on the show that have been on it before and someone that has even won (Mike Stag!) and this dude strolls in with a total ego! It's like Kacey all over again without the annoying sidekick or guarding & protecting anyone's heart!!! And Jaime.... poor naive Jaime. I love her! She was one of my fav's on Ben's season and I think she is so so pretty. But what is her deal with Chris?! Why is she chasing him and giving him the satisfaction, feeding his nasty ego? Ugh, it's driving me crazy already!!!

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 And O... M... G... How funny is drunk Ed?!?! Last night was epic! When I saw his little car that said "The Pickle" on it, I thought it was so funny. But later on in the night when we found out what he was referring to... Hilarious!!! "Flying Pickle, oh yeaaaaaaaaa!!!!" Probably totally not funny in the moment when you're the girl in his bed, or when you're the girl that was engaged to him, but still so funny on tv! I was so glad he wasn't eliminated last night since I have a feeling that's not the end of Ed's drunken antics. Especially when him & Reid go at it next week!!!

 The highlight of my night last night was when the twins went home!!! O... M... G.... Not trying to be a nasty hater, but when I was watching last week and I remembered them as the train wreck sloppy messes from Jersey Shore.... Ewwww. I just wanted to throw up in my mouth every time they were on. I'm honestly shocked that ABC even had them on the show. I totally wasn't into the superfan thing to begin with, but allowing those girls on a major network show like that? So glad they left and I can enjoy the show finally!

And saving the best for last... I'm a huge fan of anything Bachelor/Bachelorette and love BP! I was already planning on watching of course, but when I found out a certain guy that I loved on his season of Bachelorette was going to be on, well.... I pretty much died!
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Nick Peterson, from Ashley Hebert's season, was one of my fav guys and I personally thought it was nuts that Ashley didn't really give him a fair shot & he got sent home as early as he did! I've been hoping he would go on BP since then! I am actually shocked that we haven't seen any of the girls go after him yet! Are they freakin blind?!?!? I like a few of the other guys, but Nick is by far, the hottest guy there!!! Def take a sec to check out his new website too. He now offers personal training online for those of us that aren't lucky enough to see him in person in Tampa! The lovely Natalie Getz, one of my fav Bachelorette girlies, even makes an appearance with some awesome tips & organic bodycare rec's!

So until next week! I'm actually looking forward to seeing how this whole thing with Dave pans out. Like I said, I wasn't really thrilled with the aspect of superfans, but Dave has grown on me, and I think it's pretty cool that he seems to be defying his odds and has a fair shot at this game! If you're a fan of the show and planning on recapping, make sure to stop by this linkup! It's going to be so fun!!!