Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Last Thing Thursday #7

It's so hard to believe that a week has gone by since my last post! I feel so bad that I've only been posting once a week lately, but it's been really difficult to concentrate on things to post about this summer. Sometimes I feel like if it's just too fluffy, maybe I shouldn't post it at all. I'm really working on being a little more spontaneous on here and opening up a little bit! Def one of my goals for when the summer comes to an end!! In the meantime, here are this weeks Last Things with The Life of a Wife! The Last thing I....

{  Wanted to Buy - Clothes ...  }

BB Dakota Maya Lariat Cardi
 I saw this cardi last year and by the time I decided I liked it, it was gone. I just recently saw it popping back up on some blogs and think it would make a great addition to my Fall/Winter Wardrobe!

{  Was Excited About ...  }

I am finally on Currently Obsessed! I love stalking other bloggers fashion picks and I'm constantly compiling my own lists, perusing various shops and die-hard fav's every day!! Make sure to stop by & Stalk Me!!!

(  Watched on TV & Loved ...  }
Leave it to me to find yet another show that was canceled to fall in love with! This morning I decided I wanted to eat my breakfast in bed and tried to look for something new to watch. I saw a show called Best Friends Forever that sounded good & it did not disappoint!!! This show is pretty darn funny! But... It was cancelled half-way through the season. USA is in talks of possibly picking it up for more episodes if there's enough interest! It never fails that I try out a new show, end up getting sucked in, then find out it's done.

 {  Daydreamed About ...  }

 While watching Best Friends Forever, I noticed that Lennon has a super-gorgeous, impeccably decorated apartment! I found myself oggling so many things and was daydreaming about having such a lovely space to live in, long after I turned off the Tv. Yet another reason to be peeved the show was canceled!!!

So there are my last things for the week! A pretty short one this time. Make sure to stop by The Life of a Wife....

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