Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm Back!

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Happy Monday Lovelies! I'm back form my much needed break!! So sorry to leave you hanging last week. Neglecting my blog wasn't really part of the plan. I had initially planned on writing posts ahead of time, but it didn't really work out that way! Last week my Husband took time off work and it was so nice! During the summer my Grandparents come up form Florida and stay in their condo in Ventnor.

{ Atlantic City 1940's }
 They grew up in Atlantic City, so not only is it so nice to spend time with them, but it's really neat to know that the places we're going are places they might have gone when they were teenagers. Each street holds the possibility of memories for them and I can literally feel it in my bones. On one of our last visits I even got to see the gas station that my Great-Grandfather owned and the apartment that my Poppy once lived in.

We also went on a family movie date to see Brave (which was very cute!) and just spent time together since it's been so hot here there isn't much to do. My Husband has had work events on the weekends lately, so it was really really nice to just to have some quality time with him. It's so easy for everything to get so busy that the time just slips by!

So on the agenda for this week... I'll be watching The Bachelorette tonight and live tweeting throughout (@Christy1225 - look me up!). I find that the show is so much more fun reading everyone's tweets!!! And then tomorrow I'll be back for my recap! I was so upset I missed it last week, but not much went on, so it wasn't too big of a deal. Tonight should be good though! I'm excited!!! Until tomorrow ; )