Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bachelorette Recap #9

Wow, I'm still kind of reeling from last nights show! I really enjoyed seeing the dates as I really like the 3 guys that are left. They were a tad boring for major "do I want to marry you?" dates, but ok just the same. I'll go through my thoughts on each guy...

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 First up was my initial front-runner, Sean! I was so excited to see Sean & Emily on this date!! They just seem to fit so well together. But something seemed so off. I didn't want to say anything last week, since I have been on "Team Sean" since day one, but something seemed to shift last week and not in a good way. The hometown date looked like it went well. But there was a moment somewhere in there where something just didn't feel right. I mean, to be completely honest, there was never any huge chemistry between Sean & Emily, but.... I do think if given the chance, that would have developed eventually. I truly think she got spooked by his mention of being with a woman for 3 years that he wasn't in love with. I also don't think laying out that he wasn't as romantic or attentive as he should have been helped matters in the slightest! I still think Sean is an amazing guy and he will definitely make some lucky woman out there VERY happy!!! I could def see him as The Bachelor eventually too! That would be some great TV!!!

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Next up... Jef with one F. Ok, let me preface this by saying that I really like Jef... as a person. He seems so laid back, really cool and fun to be around. I'm sure he will make a great Husband to someone out there! However... I really do not like Jef & Emily together at all. First of all, and I know this isn't really fair, but I can't get past the fact that he is older than her, but looks so much younger than her. I know that the guy can't help if has a babyface in his gene pool, but I'm just sayin! I also feel like whatever is going on between them is more of a brother-sister relationship with some forced flirtations thrown in. I honestly think Emily loves the idea of Jef so much, that she is making herself develop feelings that later on down the line will probably dissipate quite a bit once all the TV magic wears off.

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And last, but certainly NOT least is Arie!!! I really liked Arie from the very beginning and really thought he was so cute. I wasn't too sure about him at first. I couldn't tell if he was for real or if all the charm was just too good to be true. But as each episode has gone by, he def seems to be the real deal!!! Something also shifted for me with Arie last night as well.. I realized that Emily & Arie are the perfect match. Sure, physical chemistry tops the list with them as a couple, but he seems to genuinely love being around her and they always have fun on their dates! There is just something about this man... He's just so swoonie, I don't understand how there could even be a tough decision at this point!

I also want to touch on the Fantasy Suite. I do think it was admirable of Emily to pass on staying the night in a sense. I mean, I'm a Mom of a young child... I get it. But... I also don't think it would have been a big deal just to spend time together when the cameras weren't rolling. How else can you make a major decision like potentially moving onto a real relationship with someone? I also felt really bad for Arie. Anyone who knows this show at all knows what goes on with the final 3 on a destination date. They know there's a fantasy suite. The poor guy.... He must have really been wondering what the heck was going on. He pushed her up against a wall for pete sake!!!

With the rose ceremony, even with my niggling feelings about Sean, I have to say I was pretty shocked. I'm still reeling a little actually. I think he was just as shocked when Jef got the first rose. Did you see his face?! I feel you Sean!!! Jef is a nice guy for sure, but I don't see it and it would be invisible if Sean & Arie were standing there!!! Crazy pants!!! So at this point it comes down to Jef & Arie. I'm curious to see what cat fights will ensue next week on the "Men Tell All". Should be quite interesting... and annoying. And then the finale. I'm pretty disappointed at this point because I have a feeling I know who she'll choose. In all the seasons of both Bachelor and Bachelorette, I have never been wrong about the final 2... EVER. So sad I was this time.

What were your thoughts on the show? Who do you think is the best match for Emily?