Monday, April 9, 2012

Split Personality

The weather is starting to warm up a bit, and even though I've always been more of a cool weather person, I've been finding myself dreaming of warmer sunny days! But with the summer approaching, I also become very confused and seem to develop a split personality..... A split fashion personality that is ;) As I approached the end of my twenties I started to notice more and more that I have a hard time pinpointing who I really am. I try to embrace my love of multiple styles, but each and every summer seems to be the most difficult to manage. Most of the year I spend my time loving clean, classic pieces and sometimes even more preppy finds a la J.Crew. I've dressed this way since I was in High School and it's always been who I am. But as I've gotten older, my more boho, beachy loving side is less dormant and shines through! The days of wearing Abercombie shorts with Quicksilver shirts at 17 have turned into wispy tunics, flowy maxi dresses and fun tribal prints as soon as the heat rises.

Funny enough, I've noticed that my Interior decor instincts are like this is well. This is where I find it the most difficult! I love clean white, gauzy curtains and kisses of turquoise and gold the most. But my home has Buddha's, Greenery and wooden accents, with pretty mosaic or sari prints scattered all over it as well. At 31 years old I've learned that this is just me.... I'm trying more & more to just accept that I've always been this way to some degree and I don't need to choose between my forever friend that is J.Crew and my all-time love that is Anthropologie. I even try to make them work together at time. I can have them both and that's ok!

Have you pinpointed your style yet? Do you feel you're a split fashion personality as well? How do you balance it?

Ps- Some of my fav spring & summer finds coming soon!!!