Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekly Wrapup

I recently jumped back on the fitness train and it's been quite a long week! I'm hoping to lose some weight & tone up for the summer! I've been missing my Tracy Anderson Method Workouts and am so happy to be doing them again! I started off trying out some different workouts earlier in the week - pilates, yoga, Jackie Warner... And while those workouts are great, nothing feels quite like my beloved TAM. In the past I did Tracy's programs (Bootcamp & Meta), but this time around I'm mixing it up and piecing together what suits my mood. I own pretty much all of the DVD's & the bootcamp book, which I can't recommend enough as the muscle work is my fav and it comes with a dvd! I know quite a few of you are loyal TAM'ers, so I'll be posting my progress on here throughout the next month or so, as well as various recipes that I try out! This week I mostly did Mat & Arms. If you're new to her Method, and want to see what all the hype is all about, there are TONS of videos on YouTube. She has her own channel and a lot of users have uploaded different cardio routines etc. I LOVE this arm routine via the Goop channel...