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Can't Look Away by Carola Lovering - A Book Review

Title: Can't Look Away
Author: Carola Lovering
Genre: Thriller
Pages: 320 pages
Pub Date: June 14, 2022
My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Book Details from the Publisher:

From the author of Tell Me Lies and Too Good to Be True comes Carola Lovering's Can't Look Away, a sexy suspense novel about the kind of addictive, obsessive love that keeps you coming back––no matter how hard you try to look away.

In 2013, twenty-three-year-old Molly Diamond is a barista, dreaming of becoming a writer. One night at a concert in Brooklyn, she locks eyes with the lead singer, Jake Danner, and can’t look away. Molly and Jake fall quickly and deeply in love, especially after he writes a hit song about her that puts his band on the map.

Nearly a decade later, Molly has given up writing and is living in Flynn Cove, Connecticut with her young daughter and her husband Hunter—who is decidedly not Jake Danner. Their life looks picture-perfect, but Molly is lonely; she feels out of place with the other women in their wealthy suburb and is struggling to conceive their second child. When Sabrina, a newcomer in town, walks into the yoga studio where Molly teaches and confesses her own fertility struggles, Molly believes she's finally found a friend.

But Sabrina has her own reasons for moving to Flynn Cove and befriending Molly. And as Sabrina’s secrets are slowly unspooled, her connection to Molly becomes clearer––as do secrets of Molly's own, which she’s worked hard to keep buried.

Meanwhile, a new version of Jake's hit song is on the radio, forcing Molly to confront her past and ask the ultimate questions: What happens when life turns out nothing like we thought it would, when we were young and dreaming big? Does growing up mean choosing with your head, rather than your heart? And do we ever truly get over our first love?

My Review:

Being a sucker for a good thriller, I was immediately sucked in after reading the plot of Can't Look Away. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book and as soon as I did, I couldn't dig in fast enough. Once I started reading, I got sucked in and had a really hard time putting it down. I found myself taking breaks to live my life but couldn't wait to get back to the world of Molly & Jake. One of the things I loved most about this book, is that while classified as a Thriller, it has so many layers beyond that. The character development was outstanding. You really get a feel for each character and can almost picture them as if you're watching a movie. In my opinion, the best books are those that you can't remember if you read it or watched it! 

It's hard to really get into what I loved most without giving too much away, but I feel like Can't Look Away is just as much of a love story as it is a thriller. If one or the other is not your usual cup of tea, give it a chance, I promise you, the love is all necessary for the thrill! Everything in this book just progressed so well and was so well done. It truly got to my core, touched me in so many moments, and because I'm such a romantic at heart, it was really gut-wrenching for me at times. I got so attached to the characters and fell in love with Jake right along with Molly. This was one of the best books I had read in a long time and one of the few I would read again at some point. In fact, I think it would make an excellent movie or mini-series - fingers crossed!!! (Speaking of books to Tv/Movies….  One of my absolute favorite things to do when I fall in love with a book, is to cast it in my mind! I came across this site last year where you can do just that. Check out my stories and let me know if you agree)

The only slight negative that I have is that I was so torn throughout the story. But that's my selfish feelings, not any reflection whatsoever on the Author or her beautiful book. Being torn means you feel things and feeling things for people that only exist in a story is only possible while reading an exceptionally good book! Carola Lovering truly delivers. There was anguish, disbelief, anger, sadness, and even tears, which doesn't happen often for me! 

About the Author (from her website):

Carola Lovering is the author of the novels
Tell Me Lies, Too Good to Be True, and the forthcoming Can’t Look Away. She attended Colorado College, and her work has appeared in New York Magazine, W Magazine, National Geographic, Outside, and Yoga Journal, among other publications. Her novel, Tell Me Lies, is currently being adapted into a television series for Hulu. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and son.

also find her on: twitter - instagram - facebook

Ps - I was so excited to see that Tell Me Lies is being adapted into a TV Series on Hulu! I had read this book a couple years ago and really enjoyed it. Can't Look Away is not due to release until 6/14/22, so make sure to check out Carola's other books before you pre-order!!!

So many thanks to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for providing me the ARC of this amazing book to review! And thanks to Carola for creating such beautiful people and stories!! 

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