Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Fav's!

Hello Lovelies! I'm so happy it's Friday! I've decided that since I have so many things I'm loving on a regular basis, that I would start a weekly post!! So I'll start with the obvious....

Have you noticed anything since you were here last? I have a new blog design!!! While I loved the last one that I had, it was just time for a facelift. I really feel like this one from Carrie, with my own personal touch of course, really shows my personality and I love the clean look!

via Pacifica
I've raved about Pacifica many times on this blog! They are one of my most fav natural beauty brands ever!!! And that was even before they introduced their beauty & skincare products! I have just been blown away by the new cosmetics. Target sells some of the palettes and skincare, but on the actual website, you can pick up these value sets. This one just became available yesterday & I'm ordering it for sure!!! I love navy liner for a little bit more of an unexpected look beyond basic black and it really makes the whites of your eyes pop! This set is only $39!!! Can you believe it?! And they also came out with these new creamy lip butters that I'm dying to try! By the way.... The solid perfumes..... LOVE! Sandalwood + Indian Coconut Nectar is one of my go-to's!! Ps - if you order through my referral link you get $10 off your first order & shipping is free over $50!

via Topshop

I've kind of had a weird obsession with baseball tee's lately and I came across this one. I wouldn't say that I love leopard print, but I love a touch of it. I like it in shoes & belts & iphone cases as a neutral. While I typically wouldn't wear an entire piece of clothing in this print, I kinda love that it's on the sleeves! Def a chic take on the traditional baseball tee!!

And my last favorite is my latest hair routine! Last week I did a post of my latest natural beauty fav's and two of these products were featured. After feeling like my Acure shampoo just wasn't cutting it for me anymore, I decided to start using the carrot conditioner regularly and also purchase the shampoo to try as well! I've been using all 3 every other day, along with a drop of the date oil mentioned last week for frizz, and so far so good! My hair smells amazing and even though I desperately need a cut so so SO bad, my hair still looks pretty darn good for someone that blows it out several times a week! You can get all these products at Target. And they also have a baby line that gets rave reviews! Reasonably priced, great scents and no ick in the ingredients. Can't beat that!

Happy Weekend Babes!!!!