Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Favorites - More Lovely clothes & a Kickass workout!!!

Hey Dolls!!! I'm so happy it's Friday! I had quite a busy week and am really looking forward to the summer wrapping up, the Fall weather (we got a little taste this week here in NJ), and for school to start! Lately I've been feeling like everything is moving in fast forward and though I'm so thankful for the amazing opportunities I've come across lately, I just need life to slow down a little bit! This is going to sound corny, but there's just something so magical to me about the Fall/Winter months. To me it's just pure nostalgia. Even the smell in the air brings me back to waking up on Saturday mornings to the marching band doing a quick run through before a Football game (the HS Football Field was on my street). I loved those days of sitting at games with my cozy sweatshirt on, sipping hot chocolate. Now things are a bit different. Today it's me chasing my son to put a sweatshirt on and instead of football games, we're watching soccer or walking around Peddlar's Village with an Apple Cider in hand. But you get my drift. I'm so ready for it! Can you tell?!? So obviously with Fall constantly on my mind, I have some more favorites for you. J.Crew is one of my most fav stores ever, and over the last few months the Factory store, which is about 45m from me, has been hit or miss. I was so excited to see that there are some great finds amongst the new arrivals! Here are a few of my must-haves...

One of the best things about JCF is the basics! Every year I always find myself snapping up a bunch of pieces that are perfect for my core wardrobe and can easily be dressed up or down with either a statement necklace or delicate pendant. I already own both the Layering Tee & the Always Cardi, but I love them so much, that I always grab multiples of my fav color (for when one bites the dust) or new colors to add variety. Navy is a must for me always. I love that it works like basic black, but is a bit unexpected. I'm also majorly obsessed with Camel & Gray, alone or layered together. They just exude coziness to me. I love these Waffle Sweaters and def plan on grabbing more than one! I adore the touch of soft oatmeal in the collar of the colorblock sweater!!!

I love a great tailored jean. This hiney is not fitting into skinnies anytime soon, scroll down for more on that.... But this bootcut pair is perfect! I could see this skirt being a great work staple for you office gals and then paired with tights, argyles, and wellies for a crisp Fall weekend. And even though I don't typically like Cords, I'm swooning over the soft, velvety color of this pair.

Last but not least, I had to round out my finds with a couple extras. Since I'm all about layering, I love a couple pieces that add a little oomph to a very basic outfit. This blazer is knit, so it's not as structured as wool, keeping it casual, but is a little more tailored than a thicker cardi. And this vest is perfect layered with a thin waffle sweater! I'd also love it with a pair of cute skinnies & sorel's, but I need to do a little prep work for that, see below....

As stated in my reference above, I need to get my ass in gear..... literally. I tend to get really bored with workouts and though I love my TAM & Tone it Up girls, I can lose interest really quickly if I don't mix it up. Enter the coolest, most unique, most KICK ASS workout I have ever seen!!! I came across Poundfit when Kirsten & Cristina shared their amazing & healthy Key Lime Pie Parfait recipe over on FabFitFun the other day. I immediately became curious when I saw them referenced as "The Pound Girls" so of course I had to explore and, wow. Blew... Me... Away... First off, when I find a workout I really like, I'm a fanatic. I love fitness, especially when I get sucked into it. It's like my own personal & free Therapist. Not that I need one ;) But there's a bit of a backstory as to why Poundfit is so appealing to me. My Dad is a Drummer, and a pretty freakin amazing one at that. A lot of my childhood I went with him to his band practices and got to see him play. I totally believe it's in my blood, even if it's not in my hands. I did try to learn when I was about 12, but lets just say that I didn't pick it up. I lacked the coordination that goes with drumming and foot pedaling and hitting the symbols, etc. It's just too much for my sporadic brain to wrap itself around. But I often find myself, even now, wanting to drum to songs. The beats jump out at me and I'm just dying to rock out! I believe that Poundfit is the perfect solution for all of my drumming woes. It's a workout that burns MAJOR calories, unique enough to satisfy my wandering eye, and lets me rock out the way I was born to!!! For anyone that doesn't have a class near them, they offer online classes, which are going on my Birthday list... hint hint Husband ;) I'll def be posting my review once I try them!!!

So there's my Friday Fav's. Kinda short this week with all the JCF finds, but I have a lot planned for next week. Happy Weekend all! Enjoy!!!!