Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

"This Will be MY Year"  - that's my new mantra..... which seems to be everyone's mantra bringing in 2013! But that's a good thing!!! Sometimes I feel like New Years Eve is the icing on the cake.... the perfect cap off to the holiday season. It certainly means different things for everyone. For some, it could be the final sendoff to a chaotic holiday mess and for others it could be ending a great year and welcoming another. No matter what it means for you, I just feel like there's always something magical about starting a new year. You get that fresh feeling like anything is possible! Every year I always have grande plans that end up slowly falling off the radar as the months fly by, but this year I'm really really going to try to stick to it. So here are some of my goals...

~ Lose the rest of the weight I've been wanting to lose
~ Build muscle & get STRONG!
~ Get back on my holistic living regimen
~ Tackle the rest of my lingering health issues

~ Get our life organized - finances, fun activities, etc
~ Create more quality time
~ Stop being a little too spontaneous & plan some fun things!
~ Get our meals on a more consistent, healthy track for everyone

~ Map out each room in our house & set a goal list to tackle by the end of the year
~ Create a budget & stick to it
~ Work on a different DIY project at least once a month

~ Map out my goals and start working towards one each month
~ Finally make a decision on what to go back to school for!
~ Make more time for my hobbies
~ Do at least 5 blog posts per week & get on a schedule
~ Get braces!!!

So there they are! There are a lot of them as you can see!!! I'm hoping now that I posted them on here for everyone to see, that will be a motivator to work on them each month!!!