Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bachelor Recap #1

First let me preface this by saying that I was super excited for the show last night and then I ended up needing to take my cat to an emergency vet appointment. I already have a couple sick animals right now, so after finding out she needs surgery on Friday & bloodwork, I was really really upset. As of right now, she's ok! But add a sudden stomach bug visiting the house last night (starting with my kiddo), well let's just say that really getting into the show last night lost it's luster a bit! Aside from that, the first show is always a bit boring, so even though I did watch, I don't really feel like I missed much with my mind trailing off elsewhere.

That being said, I'm excited as always about this season of The Bachelor! Sean was my fav pretty much from day 1 with Arie as a very very close 2nd. And speaking of Arie, how cute was he last night?! Omg, he's still as hot as ever!!! So since last night didn't have much going on, I'm just going to highlight a few of the ladies that stood out to me along with my thoughts....

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Ashley P. aka "50 Shades Girl" .... where do I start???? Well She's a cute girl. And.... I'm sure she's nice? I thought the 50 Shades bit was too much. I'm all for being original and I know these girls want to stand out amongst a sea of beautiful faces, but this just screamed desperation to me! I thought Sean handled it like a champ! I love that most guys would love having a girl all over them and would kind of be a slight pig about it, but he wasn't. How funny was it and when he said he had his rape whistle?! Bahahaha!!! Even though Ashley P. didn't get her Christian Grey, she still got her 50 Shades, I mean seconds, of fame ; )

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Des is adorable and is already one of my frontrunners! I already love her style, she seems sweet and I could see her & Sean together as a couple. I think by the time they got to chat I may have been trailing off. I don't remember if I saw some drama coming from her in the season preview, but either way, I like her upon first impression!

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Ok, I absolutely adore Kacie! I thought she was so cute when she was on Ben's season and I loved her her bubbly, fun personality! She is another obvious frontrunner for me, but I just have this feeling that her & Sean won't click completely for some reason. So sad, they would be an amazing couple! I'll still be cheering Kacie on!!!

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Sarah rounds out my top 3 in terms of first impressions. She is sweet, humble and gorgeous!!! Wouldn't her & Sean just make the most beautiful babies?!?! I can totally see it! She oh so slightly resembles Sean's sister, but if he doesn't mind that, who cares! It's not necessarily a bad thing for a guy to date a girl that resembles his super pretty sister!

So that rounds out my top 3 ladies and the one girl that stood out to me for all the wrong reasons! ha! Honorable mention goes to Lindsay in her drunken wedding dress wearing stupor and Tierra who I just don't like already!!! A lot of these girls seem like they are honestly lovely, the first night is just such a blur it's hard to keep track and know what to say about many of them. All I know is after seeing the preview it's going to be another drama filled season & I can't wait!!!