Thursday, July 9, 2009

Book Review


An Offer You Can't Refuse by Jill Mansell

Lola, 17, is deeply in love with her boyfriend, Doug. Doug’s family is wealthy, and Doug is on his way to university, while Lola is a middle-class girl and works at a fish-and-chip shop. Doug’s mother sees miniskirt-wearing Lola as an obstacle to overcome and offers her 10,000 pounds to never see Doug again. Lola is about to refuse when her father reveals a huge gambling debt. The only way to keep him safe is for Lola to accept the money. Ten years later, she encounters Doug and his mother again, and now Doug knows Lola was bought off by his mother. Lola still has feelings for Doug, but Doug won’t have anything to do with her. Will their relationship be repaired, or is the money too much to handle? Mansell’s novel is the perfect read for hopeless romantics who like happily-ever-after endings. --Hilary Hatton

Since it had been about time for me to take a break from my more intense reading I decided to try out this book by Jill Mansell. I happened to be at Border's one night perusing through the shelves and the cover of this book caught my eye. It was bright and sparkly and fun - what's not to love?! It was actually in the wrong spot so it was funny that I even came across it. I picked it up, read the back, and started reading the first couple of pages. I immediately recognized that funny British humor that I love so much! Score!! So I brought it up to the register and purchased it with my 30% off coupon - gotta love Border's!!!

I didn't end up reading the book until a little over a week ago. But I finally got to it and read it in about a week. It definitely would have been a quicker read if I hadn't had some different things going on at the time! I quite enjoyed the book. It wasn't one of the best books I've ever read, but it was funny, quirky and fluffy - just what I need sometimes!! I would definitely recommend if you're a chick lit fan and looking for a light, beach read. I just recently purchased another Jill Mansell book as well - I think she's one of my new favorite Author's ;)

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