Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Bachelorette and a creepy movie!

Monday nights are one of my favorite nights and it's because I spend most of my night watching one of my most favorite shows. I loved Jillian on The Bachelor. I fell in love with her cute charm, adventurous personality and most of all, well ........ her wardrobe! There is no denying that the girl has an exceptional sense of style!! So I was super excited when I found out she was going to be the next Bachelorette. I have loved the season so far and have really enjoyed watching all the drama that has ensued - especially over Weasely Wes!!! ACK! Which brings me to last nights show....

I thought the Hawaii trip went great. Jillian was rocking some extra-cute clothes, was in a beautiful place and had the company of 3 great guys! Her date with Kiptyn looked like a lot of fun. A little scary .... but fun. Definitely fitting for both of them. Kiptyn seemed like he was very attentive and the affection between them was cute. But do I think Kiptyn is the guy for Jillian? No. I think he is so handsome, seems like a lot of fun, but I have just had this "off" feeling about him from the beginning. I've never been able to put my finger on exactly what it is. I just question his sincerity.

Moving on to Jillian's date with Reid. I thought this date seemed like it went really well! There seems to be an easiness when Jillian and Reid are together. I think they seemed to fit really well. I thought it was pretty obvious how Reid felt about her and that the reason he was holding back was because he was scared. Whenever he was around her in these settings he seemed to be a cross between a man in awe and a scared little boy. I think Reid made a HUGE mistake in not opening up and just laying it out there on the line for her. But I don't think she should have held it against him. I thought her feelings of Kiptyn possibly breaking her heart would definitely win over in the end.

The last date with Ed!! I absolutely LOVE Ed! I was sooooo happy when he came back!! I think Ed is the guy for Jillian and have thought that he would be the last man standing since she first spoke to him after his late arrival in the premier. I don't know what it is about Ed, but I just feel that there is a genuine connection there. I think he is a nice mix of all the guys and is exactly what Jillian is looking for. He has Kiptyn's adventurous side that Jill loves so much, Reid's humor and funny banter, he's sensitive and charming and have I mentioned HOT?! What more could a girl ask for?! So the date seemed like it had a fantastic start. I wasn't sure about Ed's little shortie shorts, but hey ... you can't judge a guy on his choice of bathing suits right? I mean it wasn't a speedo at least!! I thought it really showed just how serious Ed is in the fact that he had his parents fly out to Hawaii. He knew how important that was in Jillian's decision making process and it shows that he really cares about her and wants to stay. Now on to the "elephant in the room". I feel so bad for Ed. I really do. Obviously his little mishap is going to be the topic of conversation everywhere today and that is one of the things he is going to be most remembered for. I know it's reality TV and you have to have drama - but c'mon!! Cut the guy some slack for pete sake!!! I just didn't think that it was necessary to air all of that. So he had some issues .... so what!! I am glad though that Jillian talked to him before sending him home because of his little "no-show" so to speak ;)

So she kept Kiptyn and sent Reid home. Definitely not the decision I would have made, but it's a moot point because she is going to pick Ed!!! Could I be right? I guess we'll see in two weeks!! I can't wait for next weeks show and I really hope it turns into "let's slam Wes" show. I'm not a mean person. I just think the guy deserves it. I'm curious to see if he has the guts to be there. I doubt it, but then again you never know!

In addition to watching The Bachelorette, I also watched The Unborn. It was definitely creepy. Not one of my most favorite movies, but not a complete waste of time either. There were definitely some parts of it that I found disturbing ... in a good way. And it didn't hurt that hottie Cam Gigandet was in it either. If you're a horror fan I definitely think it's rent worthy. If not, you might want to skip it ;)


  1. I'm an Ed Fan, too! I hope he wins! Too bad we have to wait TWO WHOLE WEEKS!

  2. Hey girl! LOVE this show! I like both of the guys left...however I did read an article that says the guys she picks turns her down and someone ELSE proposes to her. hmmm...I have some ideas!

  3. Hey, cute blog :) I am a Reid fan and hoping Ashley above is right and that it's him who returns! I really like Ed, too (forget Kiptyn!) but there's actually something about him that I think is missing b/w him and Jillian. I think her and Reid bounce off each other SO well and they show signs of having it work off screen - I think Ed could turn boring off screen unfortunately. But we will see what happens in 2 wks, I'm so anxious!

  4. Christin - I know! I can't believe it's going to take that long either!! The suspense is killing me, lol.

    Ashley - I was thinking that about someone turning her down. I'm crazy, I'm flipping out last night saying to my husband "that looked like the back of Kiptyn's head when she said that" LOL. I can't wait to see what happens

    Kiana - Thanks!! That would be crazy if Reid comes back like Ashley suggested! I really like Ed, but I understand what you're saying about him turning boring, I definitely saw a great connection between her and Reid!