Thursday, October 16, 2014

Faire Collection's Flash Friday - Winter Accessories!!

I had posted a couple months back about a company I fell in love with HERE and the love affair has continued the more I learn about them!  Faire Collection is offering their special Flash Sale again tomorrow & Saturday, as well as every 1st & 3rd Friday until November for 24 hours only! What does this mean? You can snag select drool-worthy, fair trade lovelies at up to 70% off! I love the craftsmanship & quality of each piece and the love that I know goes into each one from the amazing Artisan that created it! Another positive about these pieces beyond the unique styles and the support they offer to Artisan Partners and their families, is the fact that these pieces will stand the test of time. Most are made of polished and dyed seeds that won't tarnish and go in the trash after a year. I simply ADORE all of my Faire Collection pieces!

Get early access to Faire Collection's Winter Must-Have Flash Sale right here!