Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jewelry with Meaning

Let me preface this post by stating that I love mail.... I mean I really LOVE  mail. To the point where I ridiculously stalk the mailman every day. lol. I am a magazine addict and this is the main reason. That and I am always ordering some little odd or end. But today was a good mail day. Reason being that my most favorite magazine since they first sent out their 1st issue 10 years ago, Lucky, came today and also because of a very special little blurb I came across inside.

Another thing I love? Jewelry. Especially unique jewelry. Even better... unique jewelry with meaning to it. Akawelle is exactly that. It is honestly the most amazing jewelry I have ever seen. When I found out exactly what it was it literally gave me goosebumps. Here is an excerpt taken from the site:


"The history of each necklace begins in Liberia. In the part of Liberia where I am from, many thousands of bullets were fired during the war. Even though the war ended in 2003, the spent shell casings can still be found, scattered across the land in places.

Handcrafted, the leaf pendant is made from melted bullet shells, the part that is left over after the bullet is fired. The bead is the actual bottom of the bullet shell.

I chose the word “life” to be inscribed into the leaf to remind myself that new life can begin after hardship. It is even possible for new life to arise from something as terrible as war.

Men and women can both wear the bullet and leaf. It’s strong – I hope they remind each person who wears them that no matter what they’ve been through, they can rise."

Isn't this the most heartbreakingly beautiful jewelry you've ever seen? I have definitely added this piece to my wishlist, maybe for my upcoming anniversary. So inspiring....


  1. Wow! Great necklace! By the way, I love getting magazines in the mail! Pulling them out of the mailbox is so gleeful!

  2. So very fabulous! And finding a glossy amongst the bills makes my day!