Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Coat!

I posted before about the Deep Woods Coat that I recently purchased from Anthro.... I thought this coat was really beautiful and really fell in love with it. However, I was experiencing some serious "buyers remorse" over the $268 price tag - especially when I got an email from Piperlime on Monday that they were having a sale!!! So I decided to return the Anthro coat and to buy a couple pairs of much needed Fall boots (along with an extra 20% coupon) and get a less expensive coat. I happened to be reading Chloe's Blog and was reading a great post about coats when I noticed that she had a little widget for ModCloth on her page, along with a 10% coupon code (cute10)!! I decided to head over and check it out. I was coming across all these adorable blouses, dresses and accessories when I decided maybe I should check for a coat when I came across this lovely.....

The gorgeous Anastasia Coat, which I actually like a bit better than the deep woods coat and it's less $$ with a coupon too! Score!! (thanks Chloe!!!)

So since ModCloth is known to sell out of popular items and this just popped up as a new item today, I bought it. I had a feeling that if I didn't it might be one of those things that would sell out and I would never be able to find it again and would spend the rest of my life thinking "Why didn't I just buy that coat?!?!?" I've come across a couple items like that in my life and yes, I still think about them, lol. Now let's hope I like it as much in person as I did on the site!!! Review coming soon ;)