Saturday, October 31, 2009

Harry Potter Visits My Home

The Halloween Party for my son's class yesterday was SO much fun!!! Kindergarten is such a fun age, I really really enjoy going into the class to help out. The school (Pre-school through 2nd grade) did a Halloween parade and then we went back to the classroom to play The Mummy Wrap game, Halloween Bingo and my favorite, the Touchy Feely game! Oh my goodness this was SOOO much fun. We had little shoeboxes with holes cut out of the front and each one contained a monster part for the kids to reach in and touch. There was one with monster hair and teeth (faux fur and tic tacs), another with eyeballs and a brain (grapes and a wet sponge) and one more with guts (cooked spaghetti). If you could have seen their little faces when they stuck their hands in (and promptly pulled them back out quickly) - it was hysterical!!!

Here is a pic of my little guy in his costume! I did the scar on his forehead and it looked quite good with a little cream eyeshadow and a little powder etc to give it some raised dimension ;) Trick or Treating with friends today and then a nice relaxing rest of the weekend! Happy Halloween All!!!


  1. Hey Christy! I nominated you for an award! You can stop by my blog to claim it!! :-)

  2. How cute is he?!?? Thanks for the award! I will get right on that post. :)

  3. Your son really does have the Harry Potter thing going on! What a cute costume, and boy!


  4. He looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for your visit on my SITS day on 10/29. Been crazy catching up!!