Friday, May 8, 2015

Five on Friday...

Hi Lovelies! Happy Friday!!! This post will be semi-short and sweet. I just couldn't let the week end without sharing some of my recent finds and an old fav that has really changed my makeup routine. So here we go...

I recently purchased these beauties from Target and I'm OBSESSED! I actually really love Birk's, but not the pricetag and I also wanted something a little different. I love my Leopard booties that I picked up from Target a couple years ago and I feel like they go with everything. So I came across these babies and instantly fell in love. They did not disappoint! They are comfy, cute and neutral enough that I could easily see them becoming a summer staple. They're a tad higher priced than the average Target sandal, as they're Muk Luk, but they do fall in the "Buy 1 get 1 50% off" sale! Score!!

Another obsession of mine is tea. I drink a minimum of 2 cups per day, sometimes more. One of my favorite things to do mid-morning at work is to have a warm cup of tea to help me gather my thoughts and prepare for my morning. And then again to wind down at night. I recently came across this really amazing brand and was immediately smitten with them. Buddha Teas are not only chemical-free, but they are organically grown or wild harvested, keeping them as natural as possible. The tea bags are bleach-free, and the herbs inside are USDA organic and non-gmo. This can be very difficult to find and the taste did not disappoint. There are so many to choose from, but my fav's def included the chakra teas (herbal blends infused with a complimenting crystal essence - very cool!) and the herbal blends, which are great to have in your wellness arsenal. I highly recommend this line! Love!!!

I was recently in TJ Maxx, and though the one local to me never ever has anything good in my size or style, they have some AMAZING workout clothes right now! Check out these gorgeous cropped tights! This pic doesn't even do the colors justice. I can't wait to wear these beauties. And tons and tons of good deals on high quality sports bras. I could have easily dropped $100 in there!

I also have to share this supplement that was sent to me all the way from Australia. I received my package from ProPlenish today, and though I haven't tried my first dose yet, I'm so excited. This is a Marine Collagen supplement. And the reason I'm so excited is because I've been looking for a high-quality collagen supplement for a while now. It's soooo good for you for so many reasons, I can't even say enough. As we age, our collagen starts to deplete and we start to dull in our skin, nails, hair, etc. This really helps repair and rebuild, making us look younger from the inside out. It's also amazing for digestion and repairing the gut. A while back I had tried Great Lakes Collagen and I seem to have a minor allergy to bovine collagen. Such a bummer! I probably could have continued to take it, as the allergy wasn't serious, but I was worried that it might cause some inflammation to my insides. I was thrilled when I came across this line of marine-based supplements. I'll be posting a full review soon!

And last, but not least! My most favorite line of cosmetics ever! I adore W3LL People! I started using the Stick foundation last summer and love it. I currently use it as concealer and then layer on my Everyday Minerals Semi-matte foundation on top. I think this is my 3rd re-order, and though it can be a bit pricey, I purchase mine from Pharmaca when there's a coupon and it's a bit more reasonable. The stick actually lasts quite a long time, especially when you're only using it as concealer. I also replaced my Nudist #7 lippie. I can't even describe how lovely this is. I'm not a lipstick person AT ALL. And though I loved gloss once upon a time, I just feel that now that I'm in my 30's (gasp!!!), that I just can't pull it off. This little miracle worker is a like the perfect marriage of a gloss and lipstick. And I love this nude color. Like my lips, but better. And though I didn't include the mascara in the pic, this stuff is crazy good. Check out my instagram feed to see my lash pic!

So that's my 5 on Friday! I hope you enjoyed hearing about my latest loves and enjoy your Mother's Day weekend!!!


DISCLAIMER: I was not financially compensated for the above post. This post does contain one affiliate link (target sandals) and also 2 products (Buddha Tea & Proplenish) that I received samples for review. All opinions on said products are my own and were not influenced in any way.