Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Last Thing Thursday #8

Hi There! I used to participate in a weekly post called "The Last Thing Thursdays" a long time ago and I loved it so much. Though the person that started it is no longer doing it, I want to bring it back on here because it's so much fun!!! So here we go, The Last Thing I.....

{ Watched on TV & Was into.... }


I've been so happy Game of Thrones is back! Though the season has been kind of lackluster so far, it's a good stand in when Walking Dead is missing. And though it will never top my fav, Sons of Anarchy, it helps me mourn that loss a little better!

{ I watched in the movies.... }

A couple weeks ago, Hubby & I went on a date to go see The Longest Ride. I have to say, I'm quite a Nicholas Sparks fan. I've ready probably 80% of his books and though most are sad, I always love them. I hadn't read this book, so I was kinda looking forward to the fact that I could watch one of his movies for once, and not have any idea what the ending would be. For me, it wasn't one of his best ever movies, but it was cute and not a bad way to spend a couple hours. And Scott Eastwood is certainly not bad to look at! ; )

{ Read & Liked.... }

The last book I read was on a whim. It was a sale book that sounded pretty good and was recommended on my Nook. Since I was on a bit of a reading binge, I figured I would get it. I'm glad I did. Though it was kind of predictable, it was one of the better books I read in a while. Though the subject matter was a little depressing, it was a surprising real, yet lighthearted read. I enjoyed it and def recommend "Save Me"!

{ Bought & Loved.... }

Let's face it, I buy a lot of things. A LOT. But my most favorite purchase in a long time was my Jawbone Up. I grabbed it on a really really good sale from Best Buy a couple months ago. It's a first gen model, so it was pretty inexpensive, even with the warranty. I wear it mostly to get an overall feel for how many calories I'm burning total in a whole day. It's tough to try and figure out with a 6 day a week training schedule, exactly how much I need to cut back in order to get to my goal weight. This really helps! And I love that it plugs right into my iphone to update!

{ Was lusting after to buy.... }

This is going to sound funny, but I was never a sneaker girl. Ask anyone that really really knows me well if ever wear sneakers, and they will laugh. I was just never that sporty girl that really had a need to wear them. However, in the last year I've become pretty damn sporty. I workout 6 days a week doing the BBG and I've recently been trying to start running. I love my current trainers. They're like a neon chartreuse color and they work pretty well as far as comfort. But they got a tiny little hole in the top. Time for new ones! I've been eyeing these pretty neon sneaks and lucky me, I can fit into kids ; )

 { Cooked & Loved.... }

I seriously live on Stir-Fry. It's my go-to meal every week that doesn't need a recipe and I can kind of add what I have on hand. Usually it's Wheat-Free Teryaki chicken, cremini mushrooms, bell peppers, red onions, water chestnuts, and my fav... Shredded Brussels Sprouts. Don't knock it til you try it. Sprouts are one of my fav things EVER. I crave them. For real. Then I simply add a dash of Toasted Sesame Oil and Bragg's Liquid Amino's and done. SO good.

So that's my current "Last Things"! Feel free to join in and post on your blog! It's such a fun series. Stop back and let me know if you do, so I can check it out!! =)