Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday Wants - My Summer Lust List

Hi Loves! I can't believe how quickly the summer is flying by! And to be honest, I'm not complaining. I do love the activities and having my kiddo home, but the heat is just not for me. I will say that this summer has been relatively mild. We've had a few great days here and there. Like today for instance, only 81 and no humidity. Perfection!

So this summer I've been coming across a ton of great products and companies and my lust list just grows and grows. I love to share my finds with all of you! Especially since some are relatively new brands you may not have heard of. So here's my top fav's on my current list....
 photo rahuahairkit.jpg

My hair just does not like me in the summer. While I have issues in the winter, which I thought were pretty bad, it's a slew of whole other issues when the heat and humidity get here. My ends are dry and my naturally curly hair (which I blow out almost daily) gets so frizzy with the tiniest bit of moisture in the air. While I do like my current hair routine, I've had Rahua on my list for quite a while. I've heard so many great things and they just replaced the wheat in their line with Quinoa protein! Yay for me!!! It's pricey, but a little supposedly goes a long way. And for me, since I don't get my hair cut really often, it's not too much different in maintenance cost than the average female. It's actually probably less! I think this jetsetter kit is a great way to give it a try!

 photo pacificacollage.jpg
As I've mentioned on here many times before, I'm a HUGE Pacifica fan. I've been wearing the perfume solids for years. Mediterranean Fig is a fav of mine in the fall/winter. Well they just came out with some amazing beauty products! I've read rave reviews on the mascara, I already use and love most of the lip products, and the eye shadows look divine. But what has really caught my interest is the new facial makeup. More specifically the new concealer and lotus powder. I've been thinking of grabbing this set because it's a fantastic deal, but I'm gun-shy since I can't seem to figure out which color I need.

 photo dogearedhamsa.jpg

I've also been majorly in love with simple and ethereal jewelry lately. Maybe it's the fact that in the summer you don't really need to make as much of a statement with jewelry since you're showing more skin. But one brand that I've been obsessed with for a long time is Dogeared. I'm so in love with this tiny little Hamsa necklace. I also love the Karma necklace and all the little stone necklaces as well The rings are also gorgeous, but I have really small fingers unfortunately, so they don't work for me. =(

 photo riiviva.png

And I saved the very best for last. The item that's at the very tippy top of my Lust List and probably will be for a long time, considering the slightly higher price. I've doing a little research and came across the beauty that is Riiviva! This little gadget is crazy amazing!!! It offers a professional quality microdermabrasion that actually rivals what you might pay anywhere from $55-$80 a pop in a salon for, depending where you live of course. It also has attachments for cellulite as well! SOLD! I'm planning on putting some money aside and will hopefully get one by the Fall, maybe I'll put it on my birthday list. ; ) Hopefully a full review is in the very near future!

So that's my latest lust list! Make sure to stop back for what I've been loving and reordering as well as a feature on an amazing, fair trade jewelry/accessory company!