Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Where I've been & Blogger Awards

First off, let me address the fact that I feel like a total heel for not posting on here in forever!!! I really have no good excuse, other than the fact that days just fly by. This Fall was my first year as a "Soccer Mom", and while it could be worse as far as obligations, the 2 nights a week and games every Sat, create just enough chaos to procrastinate so many things. I can be really really bad with that. So yes.... This blog has suffered unfortunately. But I have some really good posts coming up to make up for it! I'm hoping to get a jump on my Gift Guides early this year and have a lot of lovely goodies to share!

So aside from the fact that I was totally MIA all this time, I want to recognize that I have some amazing new readers and 2 of them passed along these lovely awards to me! I don't normally participate in giving out awards, though I think so many of your blogs are outstanding, fabulous, lovely, amazing, etc, etc. But I just couldn't accept them without at least acknowledging that these darling women took time out of their day to recognize little old me ;)

So first up we have Alanna from Lavender & Bourbon! She passed along the Liebster award, which she mentions in her post here. I'm supposed to share 11 Random Facts about Moi and then answer the questions that Alanna posted for all her nominated bloggers to answer. So here it goes...

1.) J.Crew is my most favorite store ever! I've been shopping there since I was a Sophomore in HS, still shop there and will be shopping there until the day I die. I'm going to be one Stylish Older Lady!!

2.) I always knew I wanted to settle down and get married/have kids young.... And I did!

3.) My longest reigning celebrity crushes are Robert Downey Jr. & Cillian Murphy.

4.) My Husband and I were just discussing this and it's kind of odd, but I never bought school lunch as a child. Like ever...

5.) I am horrible at Math and even though I'm smart, I will count my money like a million times when making a deposit because of the odd fear that I'll miscount it and look like an idiot.

6.) I still have no clue what I want to be when I grow up.

7.) I have a serious infatuation with grey hair on men. Not so much like Grandpa age, but more like premature grey. Strange, I know.

8.) I'm a major Perfectionist, but only with myself. I'm so lenient on others, yet I'll pick myself apart relentlessly.

9.) One of my biggest fears in life is that it will pass me by before I get to do most things I want to do!

10.) I'm extremely afraid of flying. I wasn't always that way, it got worse after I gave birth to my son.

11.) Another phobia..... I'm VERY claustrophobic.

And now to answer the questions that Alanna posted.....

If you had to pick 3-5 words to describe yourself what would they be?
Kind, Loyal, & Disciplined

What was the inspiration or drive that made you decide/want to start a blog?
My blog started out several years ago as a way for me to share my favorite recipes and craft ideas etc and then just evolved as I did, into what it is today.

How has having a blog changed your life?
I would say that my blog has definitely given me purpose and helped offer my sanity during some difficult times.

What is your favorite animal and why? That would have to be a cat. I just adore them!!

What article/s of clothing do you just live in and wear all the time? I don't really have a specific article of clothing, but def jeans. I love jeans for sure.

What would be your super power if you could choose one to have?
I would definitely teleport! Because I'm so afraid of flying, it would be nice to be able to travel to all the far off places I want to go, without getting on a plane. =)

If you could live absolutely anywhere in the world where would you live?
I would live on a gorgeous island somewhere and adapt to a "less is more" lifestyle. Someplace that I could catch/pick my own food and just lounge on the beach most days.

Who/what is your favorite undiscovered/indie singer/band? I really like this band called Language Room a lot. I think their relatively new to most people.

What is/are your guilty pleasure(s)? Reality Tv for sure!

What is your perfect date night or girls' night? My perfect date night would be just doing simple things with the one I love. Sometimes we take those moments for granted. I would pass on all the frivolous things for that any day!

Fill in the blank: I could never live without my family!

And the lovely Sabrina from Chickweed & Blush also passed along the Versatile Blogger award to me! So so sweet! I'm so supposed to include 7 Random Facts on this one, but I'll just use the ones above, since I really can't think of 7 more!!!

You ladies are so sweet! Thank you again so much!!!