Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Launch of my "baby" - My No Deprivation Detox!

Hi Lovelies! I hope you all had an amazing Holiday weekend!!! We had a pretty busy weekend with BBQ's, parties and my Husband working, but it was still really nice! Now back to the grind.... During my last post I mentioned that I had something I was working on & I was so excited to share! Well the day is finally here!! If you follow me on any of the social media channels, you may already know what it is! But I felt it was important to mention it on here as well so I could also explain a little more than I can on those short posts!!! So here it is, my "baby" that I've been working so hard on the last couple weeks, that I can finally release into the world.....

So I've mentioned before that a couple years ago I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and graduated as a Certified Holistic Health Coach over a year ago. As much as I loved my school and found the it so life-changing, I just didn't know where to start after I was done. As you all know, life throws many curve balls on a regular basis and not many of us out there have the pleasure of sailing through life... So at that time I just couldn't jump in, as passionate as I was/am. It took some major soul-searching on my part to figure out what niche I connected most with. And I really do feel like I've finally found what works for me and what I feel most comfortable starting with!

My "7 Days to Sexy - Elimination/Detox" Program is something I've had locked up in my mind for a while now. Having dealt with so many issues connected to digestion myself, I truly connect with this on a major level and I wholeheartedly believe that there are SO many issues that people deal with that stem from food sensitivities, sluggish liver/kidneys, digestion imbalance and inflammation. You have no idea how much you need to have proper digestion to even function, let alone feel good, have great skin/hair/nails etc and to release the weight you might be holding onto!

This program is NOT a deprivation program. Though I own a juicer and absolutely LOVE juicing, you will not see days worth of juices on here. This is not a juice fast! This is REAL FOOD! Now if you're coming from a place of eating lots of junk or have major issues with the thought of letting go of some different foods for a period of days.... I get it. No judgement here. But this may or may not be the program for you! If you're thinking about it, feel free to contact me anytime with your concerns or questions. I'm happy to talk you through it to try and see if it's a fit!

That being said, I'm offering this program for only $35! There are similar programs out there for double and even triple this amount! But I'm so passionate about helping others live a healthier lifestyle, I wanted to make it really accessible for everyone while still honoring my hard work and the time/support I'm offering. What does the program include? Well it's essentially a guided meal plan with unlimited support from yours truly. Some programs have start dates and phone calls etc. That's awesome! But I decided not to do that this go around, being that it's summer and everyone is so busy! There are no pills or products that you need to purchase from me for this program. You simply purchase it, along with the necessary food you will need for the level & meals that you choose, and that's it! Super easy!!! And I'm yours via email throughout the duration of your detox!!!

Again, feel free to contact me anytime with questions! I'm happy to answer & no question is too silly!

Lots of Love!!!!