Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Me - TAM Day 1

Happy New Year! I am SO ready for the most amazing year yet!!! I have to say... 2011 wasn't my best year. I know that there are many people out there that have far worse things going on, but it was just one thing after another and I wasn't sad to see it go! I have lots planned for this year. Many goals, resolutions and a couple milestones. This is the first time in a long time I've truly been this excited!

So today I embarked on my Wellness journey, which started with jumping back into TAM. If you're new to my blog or don't know about my love for TAM (or gasp... don't know what it is or who that lovely lady in the pic is...) read on =) TAM stands for Tracy Anderson Method and that is THE one and only gorgeous, adorable, butt-kicker in the photo above. And let me just tell you if you don't know already... I love Tracy. I mean LOVE with a capital L. Not just because she's so motivating and fun to watch, but also because her workouts are the most effective I have ever come across. They aren't boring either. But they kick your ass! Not gonna lie.

So this will make the 3rd time I've done Tracy's 30 Day Method. So today was Day 1 and it was good and bad. Lets start with the good... It felt great to get back into a routine after such a rotten summer and it being so long since I've felt good enough to workout. I got through 20 of each muscle work move. I know, doesn't sound like a lot, but it really is for Day 1! So now onto the bad... Over the summer in prep for my surgery, I had to be allergy tested and started immunotherapy. It was found that I'm allergic to TONS of stuff, one of the worst being 10, oh yes... 10!!!, different kinds of mold. I started the allergy shots in the middle of one of the worst mold seasons NJ has ever seen and suffered a horrbile allergic asthma attack that almost put me in the ER. Luckily I live closer to my specialist office, got a counteractive shot, neb treatment and was ok. Anyway... I've always wheezed when I do cardio so I thought I may have some Exercise Induced Asthma, but it seems that the episode in the early Fall woke up a whole new arena of issues. Now I'm like hyper-sensitive to so many things, my nose is STILL healing from surgery and after weeks of being sick with Bronchitis, I guess my body is still struggling. Even after just 40min of exercise I had a small flare-up today. Luckily after using my Breathe Resp EO Blend I felt better within 8min (especially since my inhaler did nothing!).

So lesson learned. I'm a little down about it and hoping that it doesn't cause a long-term issue with working out as I do love my TAM and I need to get back in shape! Tomorrow I'll be trying out some strategies beforehand to get me by until I can get back in to see the Pulmonary Spec. Cross your fingers for me!!! So I'm thinking of blogging my way through the whole 30 days since so many of you lovelies were so interested in it last time. I'm not planning on doing a post every day, unless you all want me to. Let me know. I'm thinking maybe every 2-3 days? And if you're also a loyal TAM Addict, make sure to post your results, blog posts, etc in the comments. We all need to support each other!!! Here's to a Fantastic 2012!