Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Chic

I love a look that can multi-task in various seasonal wardrobes! I am all about functional and carrying pieces over. I've been wanting to add some different looks to this blog for a while now and just never seem to have the time. So that's been one of the new blog challenges I've given myself. Instead of posting just lists of pretty things, I want to try to style them into actual looks. So this is my first go round...

I can see most of these items being paired with other pieces to transition into spring and summer! I would most likely wear the cardi with a plain tank in the color of your choosing. I think most would work with the basic black and brown tones. The little studs could add sparkle as an everyday earring and I could see this gorgeous necklace worn with an airy summer maxi dress - one of my summer staples!

Have you started thinking about what you'll wear this spring/summer? What's on your must list?

1 comment:

Summer said...

super excited that you're in with me!!! Even if you are changing it a bit, it's still going to make a HUGE difference!

Yay us!