Sunday, January 16, 2011

Diet Reboot

Today was supposed to be Day 6 of the TAM 30 Day Method and sadly I just cannot do it (the menu) another day. Even with tweaking the menu's, I just still feel so unhealthy. It pains me to say this because I am a HUGE Tracy Anderson fan! And maybe this diet really does wonders for others, but it just didn't for me. However the exercise parts of it I love! I have had no issue with. This morning when I had my kiwi dessert for breakfast and then proceeded to feel like I was going to pass out, well ... that was it for me. I don't mean this to be offensive towards TA at all, but I have never ever felt so unhealthy in my life. I've been working out almost 2 hours daily for the last 5 days and I still have never felt so unhealthy. Sigh.....

So out of sheer curiosity, since I brought the book upstairs for my husband to use, I looked at Jillian Michael's book. There is a Metabolic rate quiz on there that I decided to take. According to the test, I am a balanced oxidizer which apparently means that in order for my body to function to lose weight and to be able to fuel up for workouts, I need a decent ratio of complex carbs, lean protein, and low-starch fruit or veg with most meals. That makes sense and it's probably why I've felt like a zombie the last few days.

I am not saying that the 30 Day Method doesn't work. What I am saying is that as far as the food goes.... for 30 days and working out hard and heavily... it doesn't work for me. For me I think it was a great 5 Day Cleanse and it made me see what I can live without and what I can't in my diet - which is great! I have no bad cravings for sugar which is good and don't really want to eat bad carbs... bonus. Do I plan on going back to eating the bad stuff now? No way. So where am I going from here....

I plan to keep up with Tracy's workout sequence in her 30 Day Method Book and still eat some of the foods on her menu. I'll still be following the 3 meals and one snack option... Unless I feel dizzy or not well and then I may add a juice or smoothie to help boost my energy. I'm a huge Jackie Warner fan and am hearing really good things about her new book, so I may do somewhat of a combination of Tracy's Book Sequences with Jackie's recommended diet for the remainder of the 30 days. Meaning no desserts, bad carbs, multiple carb servings etc. I don't really plan on it being all that different from what I was already doing. I just need a bit more energy to really ramp up my metabolism, get motivated, get an effective workout in and so I don't pass out! LOL.

I am pretty disappointed in myself though. I do feel a little let down and like I am letting anyone that has been reading my blog and cheering me on down. But I want to get this weight off and get in shape and I know that doing it with almost no complex carbs and limited protein will just not work for me. I'll still be posting my progress on here, but it will most likely be updates every couple of days rather than everyday ;) I do want to thank everyone that has been sending me encouraging comments, emails and contacting me on FB. You have all been so awesome!!! I'm glad I have inspired you and I hope that my honesty and determination continues to do so. I am absolutely determined to do this!

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  1. I'm lactating and I didn't even look at the menus, but you can add more carbs like brown rice and sweet potato to round it out a bit more. TA does say in the book to eat more if you are hungry, but maybe all of us are so focused on getting the results like Laura Stroud that we miss that. ;)