Friday, June 3, 2016

Sunwarrior Protein - A Review

I'm so happy it's Friday. It's always so nice to have a 4 day week following a long weekend. It's like a bonus! I wanted to make sure to kick off the weekend with a review and also a couple healthy recipes! A while back I was sent a package from Sunwarrior, a company I'm already familiar with and like very much. Even though I have purchased their protein in the past, I was excited because I was sent a few envelopes in assorted flavors and blends to try. Long ago, when I was Vegetarian for a spell, I relied heavily on protein powder every single day to meet my protein needs - Sunwarrior was my go-to! Though ultimately I decided that I need a little meat in my diet (we'll save that for a future post) , I still like to consume protein in snack form or as a post-workout meal replacement. I also love to add it to muffins, pancakes, etc to make quick breakfasts or protein laced snacks for my son.

Though I'm not a huge fan of Stevia, it's extremely difficult to find a protein powder without it. If you do, you risk high sugar content as well. I just don't love the taste. But it's not super detectable in this protein and there are ways to help cut the taste as well. My past purchase was the Chocolate Warrior Blend - a raw vegan protein that contains pea protein, cranberry protein, and hemp seed protein, as well as cherry extract, medium chain triglycerides, and a few other ingredients.

I was also sent the Classic & Classic Plus proteins as well. The Classic contains Brown Rice protein as the protein form. The Plus is very similar but also contains pea, quinoa, chia seed, and amaranth in addition to the brown rice in it's protein blend. The overall winner for me is still the Warrior Blend in Chocolate. I feel that Chocolate often hides that protein flavor a lot of powders have and though I think that quinoa, amaranth, and rice proteins can be a great addition to a diet, I do try to watch my grain intake. Grains can be very difficult for me to digest.

Warrior Blend tastes pretty good and I really find that the ingredients work well for me! With 17g of protein, it's an awesome quick breakfast or recovery snack! It's still my fav =)

Make sure to check out this recent post where I shared my son's favorite snack incorporating the Warrior Blend - Protein Cookies!!! You could easily swap this out for the Classic or Classic Plus! And the most simple, but my favorite.....  The recipe for my quick and tasty Post-Workout Protein Pudding. I eat this after a heavy workout or when I'm craving something sweet and want to feel like I'm eating something bad! I love it because it's quick, easy, and you can easily add in little mix-ins of your choice!

Easy Protein Pudding
serves 1 

~ 1 packet or scoop of Chocolate protein powder - I like Warrior Blend, but you can use any blend or flavor! 

~ 1/2 a large banana

~ Dash of Cinnamon

~ 1 Tsp Cacao powder (I like mine chocolaty)

~ Pinch of Sea Salt

~ 1 tsp sunbutter or almond butter

~ 1/4 cup of filtered water

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour in a small bowl or ramekin and add the mix-ins of your choice. Maybe a little dried fruit, puffed rice, slivered almonds - whatever you love! 

If you try it! Make sure to stop back and let me know what you think!! And make sure to check out the Sunwarrior website! Happy Weekend!!!


DISCLAIMER: I was provided a PR Sample package in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this post.