Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My {me} day - Poundfit, Holistic Facials, Skin Saving Smoothies, and Lovely lippies!

Hi there! I can't believe how much time has gone by since my last post!! I have had so much going on lately that the time just flies by so fast, but something I've been working on has finally come to fruition and I can really start focusing on this blog now! I definitely plan on organizing my time and putting a lot more energy into this blog!! I actually decided to kick this off yesterday with a personal "ME" day.

 photo Blogpoundfit.jpg

Everyone needs a "ME" day now and then. And everyone spends theirs differently. I decided to spend mine nurturing myself and doing some of the things that I haven't really had time to do lately. I started by checking out my new Poundfit DVD's that I got in the mail on Monday! I have been so so SO excited to get these, I was practically stalking the mailman. I have to say, they did not disappoint. Let me preface this by saying that I am not really into Cardio. I know it's necessary and so beneficial, but I really struggle with it. I don't like to run and I do ok on the treadmill, but I get really bored. I sometimes mix it up with some Dance Cardio a la Tracy Anderson Method, but again, I get bored. PoundFit is the perfect thing to add to my weekly routine! It looks kinda easy watching them right? Well let me tell you, it's not. I only did about 20 minutes because I didn't have a ton of time, and I am sore today. You sweat, it's fun, and it's perfect for someone like me that struggles with lack of fitness focus and needs to mix it up! I can't wait to start doing this daily!!! 

After I was finished my little mini-pound session, I hopped in the shower in preparation for giving myself a Healthy Facial. As I had explained before, I am chemical-free & I don't use any personal care products with toxins. I'm a label-reading lunatic!!! =) So here is a little pic of my ingredients....

There's actually one important component that I forgot to put in the pic, but I'll get to that in second. I started out by giving my face a good scrub when I was in the shower. Then I got my mask ready, My favorite thing to use is Aztec Secret Healing Clay, which I grabbed on a trip to Whole Foods probably well over a year ago. This stuff lasts forever!!! I personally love this clay because you can mix it with pretty much whatever you want according to your skins needs. Sometimes I use ACV as suggested on the package, and others I like to mix it with filtered water, brewed tea, facial oils, etc. This time I started out by doing a steam tent with some filtered water & tulsi chamomile tea. This way my pores were open when I applied the mask. The mask consisted of Aztec Clay, a couple pumps of Shea Terra Organics Wild Honey Argan wash (this is more of an oil, so I thought it would be great for moisture!) and my Wedderspoon Manuka Honey mixed with filtered water.  I just mixed everything together with my finger  in a little ceramic bowl (you def don't want to use anything metal here! It will react with the clay) until it reached the consistency I liked. I applied this directly after steaming and let it sit for about 10-15 min. You really don't want this to dry out a ton, or it will pull a ton of moisture from your skin. You can spritz with some orange blossom water if needed. Or, if you are using the mask for oily skin & clogged pores, just make sure to properly moisturize afterwards! Once I rinsed the mask off, I toned with a DIY mixture of Tulsi Chamomile Tea and a few drops of ACV that I keep in a glass spray bottle. 

After I finished my facial I decided to nourish myself by making a skin-loving smoothie! I grabbed some organic beets from Whole Foods this past weekend and have been looking for a way to sneak them into my daily diet. Beets have so many amazing health properties and are so cleansing, so I've been wanting to start incorporating them into smoothies, as I'm not quite accustomed to the taste just yet. I just used what I had on hand to throw this delicious smoothie together! I have an Omega Vert juicer and pressed the juice from the beets fresh. I then added the juice to some coconut milk yogurt, about a TB of organic chia seeds, and a handful of frozen blackberries in my blender, and blended until smooth. This was so good!! It was a tad sweet for my taste (probably because of the yogurt) and I think would have tasted amazing with strawberries, but I didn't have any. So maybe next time! 

I then spent the day just relaxing until it was time to pick my boy up from school. I felt refreshed and in good spirits. Not that my life has been super chaotic lately, but sometimes you just need to do these little things to reset & recharge, whatever that may mean for you! I want to close this post by sharing my most favorite lip balms with you! I am a lip balm addict and these lovelies have been my go-to's for quite some time.

I may have mentioned before, that while I love a bit of color on my lips, I'm not a lipstick girl. Never have been. I've been using this tinted lip balm for a year now and I adore it. It adds the perfect touch of color and it's so moisturizing. Even though it's fine alone, I like to add a little extra pout quenching goodness underneath. Hubby grabbed me a couple of these Mongo Kiss lip balms at the checkout in Whole Foods last summer and I love them! I keep one at my makeup table and one in my bag. The vanilla honey smells so good. And a new favorite, this Me & the Girls lip moisturizer. I love a minty smell on my lips and this has Spearmint, which I LOVE! It's hard to find any lip products that use spearmint (which I prefer to perppermint). I keep this in my bag and have been layering it under my lip tint! 

Enjoy the rest of your day lovelies! I'll be back tomorrow with my "The Last Thing Thursday"!

DISCLAIMER: All of the above products mentioned were purchased by me personally. No samples or compensation was provided for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.