Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday Wants ~ My Latest Lust List

Hello Beauties! I hope those of you that live in the Eastern part of the US are keeping warm! It's crazy how much snow we've been getting here in NJ!! It's like Mother Nature is making up for the last couple years with hardly any! It's actually kind of concerning as far as the southern states go, since I heard even as far down as FL was getting snow yesterday. Global warming anyone? But that's another time, another post ; ) Anyway, I've been trying to stay warm and occupy my time with some cozy activities - watching movies, reading, surfing the net for pretties and knitting. I wanted to share a few of my latest finds with you! 

So I have a little confession to make.... I taught myself how to knit many years ago, but I've always had a hard time completing any project. All I really know how to do is knit basic things like scarves, and I can now do some of the different stitches. But I have a slight infatuation.... ok.... obsession with yarn. I don't know what it is. I think it must be the magpie in me that's just attracted to all the gorgeous colors and textures. And I absolutely love that you take this little hank of yarn and create something beautiful. I have a hard time meditating or doing anything that requires me to center myself in the moment. But knitting seems to work to keep me present, so lately it's been my own personal form of meditating. I've pretty much mastered the seed (or moss) stitch and have been working on a cowl. So now that I feel like I can actually start a project and finish it, I've been drooling over these gorgeous yarns.

Aren't they stunning?!?! They are slightly pricey and not something I would recommend for someone that hasn't mastered a stitch yet. Making a lot of mistakes and potentially destroying this yarn trying to fix them, would be such a tragedy. But the colors are unbelievable! I think I might need to splurge at some point and buy myself a skein. I have no idea how I'm going to choose between all the beautiful hand-dyed colors!

I've also been loving all the delicate little lace bralettes I keep seeing all over. I've been lusting after the Camellia Lace and the Kimchi Blue beauties for a while now. But they were out of stock! They now have them back in stock in a ton of colors! (the above links are my shopsense affiliate links, please feel free to visit the UO site to buy directly!)

And for the latest product on my Beauty radar....

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I came across Jodie Patterson's website after her "5 Beauty Obsessions" feature on one of my favorite websites, Well + Good. As I have mentioned many times in previous posts, I have a very difficult time finding "Perfume", and I put that in quotes because I don't wear typical perfume. I will not use fragrance (parfum) or anything synthetic. Fragrance alone can contain hundreds and hundreds of chemicals in just that alone, including nasty phthalates! And for me... that's just No Bueno! I prefer natural perfumes that contain essential oils, resins, and waxes. At the very least they need to be derived from a natural source. So when I came across Jodie's Body Perfume, I was smitten. She uses natural ingredients in all of her products and the scent profile for this just sounds amazing. I'm a huge fan of smoky, sweet and incensey scents and just find them so sexy. Not to mention this jar looks like it would last forever. This is most definitely on my list! It may just be my future signature scent ; )

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And last but not least..... Oh the Bonanza Bib, how I need you in my life. I am just in adoration of this necklace. And not just because of it's obvious beauty & unique design. But also because this lovely is handmade by a beautiful woman in Uganda, and I adore the mission the purchase of this necklace supports. Learn more about 31 Bits and their story here!

So that's it for my Wednesday Wants! I have some amazing things coming soon....

~ A Kaeng Raeng Cleanse review
~ A Review of the most gorgeous Leather Satchel I've ever seen
~ Some new Health Posts
~ Posts on my latest Health & Natural Beauty finds

Stay tuned & Stay warm!!!

DISCLAIMER: Other than the affiliate links for the bralettes as stated above, I have received no compensation for this post. I have received no products in exchange for opinions on this post. All thoughts are completely my own.