Friday, December 20, 2013

{{ Lessons from Felicity }}

So depending on how old you are.... you may or may not be familiar with Felicity. This show was a major part of my teen years and was one of my all-time favorites. The cool thing about it was that the characters in the show were the same age as me. So they graduated in 1998, the same year I did. Anyway.... A week or so ago I was a bit under the weather and we had a couple snow days here, so I started re-watching the show. Being that there has been nothing on with all the finales, I had a major bingefest and sad to say, I finished the entire series pretty quickly. With the upcoming Holidays, my continuous & stressful job search, researching degree programs etc - I needed a major escape and this was definitely it! So here are a few things I learned from watching the series again.....

1.) It really sinks in exactly how old I am when I realize that not only has it been many years since it first aired, but that I didn't remember a lot of what happened.

2.) They just don't make shows like this anymore. Don't get me wrong.... I love me some Vampire Diaries, and loved the new 90210 for the first couple seasons, but Felicity was just such a great teen show! When I watched it as a 17 year old, there was just so much I missed, so much I wasn't mature enough to pay attention to. But this time around, there were so many lessons to be learned. I actually found myself pondering quite a bit, which was a very unexpected side effect!

3.) Pardon my language, but Felicity was kind of an asshole the first couple of seasons. I know it must have been hard to be in her situation with these 2 great guys, but damn.....

4.) The first time I watched the show, though I thought Noel was adorable, I was "Team Ben". This time I found myself getting so pissed at Felicity for being such a moron and missing what was right in front of her! My heart just broke for Noel. "Team Noel" all the way!!!!

5.) I can definitely understand why there was such an uproar over Kerri Russell chopping her hair! I don't remember how I felt years ago, but I had very strong feelings about the cut. I mean, to the point that watching the rest of that season was almost unbearable. Kerri Russell is gorgeous, whether her hair is short, or even if she didn't have any..... But gorgeous curls and short hair do not mix!

6.)I kind of wish I would have went away to college. I chose to go right in to the workforce since I couldn't decide what I wanted to do. I still have no concrete idea what I want to do (that's another post). But this show really captured what the average college experience should be like. You know... If you choose not to spend it binge drinking and sleeping through most of your classes. It really showed me that life away at college can really teach you a lot about being an adult, if you choose to take the opportunity to learn! Pretty interesting to think about so many things I hadn't thought about in a very long time.

So that's really it. If you loved the show as much as I did, I definitely recommend watching it all over again! I think I definitely enjoyed it even more watching as an adult than I did as a teen!!

Aside from that, I can't believe the Holiday is almost here!!! I plan to spend the weekend going to parties, watching movies and baking! Also wrapping up the last bit of loose ends since it will be here in the blink of an eye! Enjoy your pre-holiday weekend!!!!

COMING SOON: I'll be doing a "cleanse diary" review with Love Grace! Pretty exciting stuff!!! If you're a cleanse fan, or someone that's curious about juice cleanses, you'll def want to stop back and check this out!